Georgie Jumper

Finished off the first of my WIPs this morning, the Georgie jumper from the Patons Nursery Days booklet for Washed Haze.  This is the DK version in denim which is leftover from my Amelia cardigan (somehow I used 4 balls less than that pattern called for!).  It was a pretty easy knit, basically the front and back are just squares and you’ve got to love a pattern where the sleeves are only 16cm long!

I had a hard time finding buttons for this which is stupid considering how many I own.  The stars are a little fiddly but I think actually the neck opening is large enough that they won’t need to undo more than the first button anyway.  Also it makes me laugh that they are on the shoulder which will make him a 3 star baby!  I made the 3-6 month size as from experience I know that most new parents go a bit OTT on the teeny tiny newborn things and then realise they don’t have anything for the baby to wear when it’s bigger!

I still have almost 2 balls left of this yarn so I’m thinking I will do the newborn cardigan from it as my sister informed me she’s not into really bright colours and the yellow I was planning on using is incredibly bright.  The sleeves are knit last on that one so if I am running short on yarn it can just have elbow length sleeves which won’t bother a baby at all I shouldn’t think.

I am making great progress on the socks, knitting the heel flap of the second one now, so they should soon be finished and another project will be crossed off my list.  Now that I’ve done the picking up and knitting of borders on this project I should get onto the picking up and knitting of borders on the brown cardigan really, that shouldn’t take all that long to finish off once I’ve done the collar, I just hate trying to pick up hundreds of stitches, I don’t know why I keep making things from patterns that make you do that.



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