Basketcase Socks

So, I cast on for these in June and finished them this morning.  As I said in my post about tidying up my WIPs, I then let them sit until the 20th of this month with just a cuff and one pattern repeat done.  Nine days later I have a completed pair of socks, why do I abandon things like this?!?!

The pattern for these is a pretty simple free one with a 12 row pattern repeat of just knits and purls.  I’ve never knit a completely purple pair of socks before, I don’t really wear much purple as I don’t think it suits me all that much but in socks, why not?  The yarn is Maizy in Stormy Purple which I picked up from a Ravelry user.  I’d never knit Maizy on this size needles before, all my other Maizy socks are 2.25mm with 72 stitches and these are 2.5mm with 60.  It worked though so the range of patterns I can use for the rest of the Maizy I’ve stashed over the years has opened right up!

Not much else to say about a pair of socks, I really like them, the pattern looks great with this colour I think and I’m looking forward to wearing them.  Another of the WIPs done and dusted, the King Cole top has now moved out of the basket and onto the desk to be worked on, I will get around to the brown cardigan stitch picking up, but at the moment I’m recovering from my second migraine in 2 weeks (went to Dr, Dr sent me to Optometrist and it’s nothing sinister, ‘just’ a migraine, but frustrating all the same) so staring at brown knitting trying to count stitches is out until my brain recovers a bit more.

Oh, and I realised this morning that I don’t necessarily have to download audio books to my MP3 player, I can download them to my computer and listen that way.  I always forget that my computer is a laptop and I have wireless broadband so I can move it around with me rather than always having to sit at my desk to use it!  I have downloaded Walden which I’ve wanted to read for about 20 years and have never gotten around to despite having a copy on my bookshelf.  I am looking forward to listening to it and working on my blanket and I’m happy to have found a solution to my audio book problem (and the fact that Walden and many other old books I’ve always wanted to read are free to download is a bonus too!).


5 thoughts on “Basketcase Socks

  1. So sorry you’re down with migraines. I hope you feel better soon. Love your new socks, and thanks for the tip about audiobooks – I’ve been meaning to look into that!

  2. Well done for getting through your WIPs!
    Lovely purple socks 🙂
    I have only once downloaded an audiobook (Brighton Rock) and the file was absolutely huge. I blamed it for breaking my old laptop! That put me off, which is a shame as I love listening to books while I sew.

  3. LOVE the purple socks and now I’m motivated to grab some yarn and get a pair of socks started. Perhaps even a purple pair! I once knit a pair from an awful yarn – orange with black specks. They looked like tiger feet. But every time I wore them, it made me laugh, so despite the color, they turned into one of my favorite pairs. I hope these socks make you smile every time you wear them!

  4. what a good idea…audio books! A good audio book and some knitting or quilting in the hands. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an Autumn Sunday sometime soon! I am also a small blogger, dropping in through Lily’s Quilts. Nice to meet you!

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