Baby Cardigan


This little newborn cardigan is the one new project that I mentioned I was going to let myself cast on for.  The pattern is Puerperium Cardigan which is free in the newborn size and available to buy in larger sizes, if my sister likes it enough to want larger sizes I will get it as it was an easy top down one piece knit and went really quickly.  The only thing I don’t like about this is the same thing I dislike about all top down cardigans, my gauge and the evenness of my knitting varies hugely between back and forth and in the round and you can see that really clearly in this yarn, hopefully it will even out a little after it’s been washed a few times.

I used up almost every inch of the last bits of Patons Washed Haze DK in Denim, so close to the last inches in fact that I weighed the yarn before starting the sleeves and still ended up going back and unpicking the cast off and one row of the first sleeve so they were the same length.  The sleeves are actually about 1cm plus 1 row shorter than the pattern calls for but I think I should be ok and that the newborn nephew won’t be ringing me up to complain!  I’ve had the buttons for ages and I think they go nicely with the yarn.  They are a little pointy but as it’s newborn size he won’t be rolling over or trying to rip them off or chew them!  The yarn that I unravelled from the first sleeve was used to sew on the buttons, didn’t waste a bit of it, all in all I think I used just over a ball and a half which isn’t too bad, especially as this is the second thing I’ve made from the leftovers of my Amelia cardigan and the yarn was only 69p a ball!

I am making ok progress on my other WIPS, I finished the back of the King Cole top and then made myself put it down and pick up the stitches for the brown cardigan’s shawl collar.  I’m 3 1/4″ into that now which is just under halfway then there’s just the front bands and a lot of seaming to be done before sewing on 11 buttons, worst bit of making cardigans, I hate sewing on buttons and use my sewing machine whenever I can with my sewn garments!  No progress on the blanket or Grenadine but I still feel like I have plenty of time to work on those so I’m not too stressed about it yet!

Sewing wise I have almost finished another quilt.  I just need to machine stitch down the binding and then wash and dry it and hope for some brighter weather for photographs.  I think after I’ve finished it I will sew the dress version of the Schoolhouse Tunic that I have cut out and maybe another garment or two before diving into the next quilt.  I am still loving working on them but being a monogamous sewer once I start a quilt nothing else gets a look-in until it’s done which can get a little tedious and why finishing off this quilt has taken a little longer than it should have, after free motion quilting it this weekend I was a little burnt out and took a few days off!  Also, having quilt pieces taking up the small amount of space available to me means that I can’t pull out my baby patterns and fabric and make plans for sewing for the nephew.  I won’t take too long a break from the quilts though as Piggle’s is the next one and he’s been asking about it ever since I finished Jim’s, plus it’s getting cold here now and he might need an extra layer on the bed soon!


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