Last Weekend’s Sewing

So, I showed one picture of something I made last weekend in my last post but haven’t actually posted about it yet!  Once I finished off the owl quilt I decided to take a short break from quilting and sew up the dress that I cut out a while back using the School House Tunic Pattern and what my Mother says is baby cord (it’s not very ridged at all, feels almost like a shaved velour…).

Man I’m looking forward to giving those bags full of baby stuff to my sister, I’m so tired of looking at them sitting there on the landing and of them half blocking my sewing room door…

Anyway, the dress looks awful on the dress form so here is an awful, dark, early morning picture of me wearing it to show you what it looks like on a real(ish) human being.

I wore a long black cardigan over it and was really warm and comfortable all day, this dress is going to get a lot of wear!  The only change I made to the pattern was to add 3 inches to the length of the tunic as I wanted it to hit me right where it does.  I’m really happy with this one, it actually came out how I pictured it which doesn’t happen as often as it should!

I followed up the dress with a sprocket cushion for Jim using the fabrics from his quilt as I had so much left over (still have tons after this but at least I used a bit more!).

As you can see I pieced both sides instead of doing a plain back, there were exactly enough fabric prints in the quilt to only have to repeat the zig zag on the outside piece.  I had wanted to use the weave for the outside but that was the only fabric that I didn’t have enough of!  Jim chose the buttons from my button box.  I realised when I was sewing them on that they’re the ones that fell off my winter coat last year so I guess I’ll not be putting them back on!  He was so happy with the cushion that when I went in to check on him before going to bed I found him asleep with his head on top of his pillow and the cushion in a seriously uncomfortable looking position, we had a little discussion the next day about how it was a decorative thing and now every night he very carefully puts it on the end of the bed and then replaces it at the top each morning, guess it’s a good way to get him to make his bed, at least for  a short while anyway!  Piggle also likes the cushion so as I cut the fabric for his quilt I cut cushion pieces as well, although is is going to be the 14″ rather than the 16″ version as I didn’t have much fabric left this time.

The boys are on their half term holiday and with their Dad until Wednesday so I will be working on Piggle’s quilt and also on an iPod cosy for Jim as the school did them cheaply as a bulk order (they use learning games on them and also do video editing etc) and he bought his using his pocket money from his savings account.  I have found some nice fabric for it and an online tutorial which looks pretty simple.  I am also trying to get up the nerve to replace the zip in a bag for my sister, it’s been sitting in my sewing room for almost a year now as it’s not a simple job (it’s the zip in the front pocket) and it took a while to find a zip I thought would be strong enough to bother putting in.  I now have all the supplies and she’s up to visit at the end of November so I will have to give it a go soon!

Hope it’s warmer and less hail-y where you all are!


3 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s Sewing

  1. Oh yay! A dress that fits you NOW instead of sometime in the future! 😀
    I really really like that – it is exactly the right length and SO flattering – woo hoo!
    And love the fox-enhanced cushion too!

  2. Wow that tunic is awesome! here in Cali I could see wearing it with black tights and boots when we have to suffer through 60 ish degree weather. I love the cushion, so much fun for kids to have something special made just for them. Take care over there over the pond! Your blog helps stretch me creatively! Cindy

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