I realised I needed to get going on some of my Christmas sewing plans, I knew what I wanted to do and mainly what fabric I was going to use I just needed to get the work in so since I last posted I’ve managed to get two things off my list and pick fabric for another so I’m feeling like I’m making progress!

First up was this peg bag for my sister.  She asked that I make her one so when I found this coated cotton online I bought some for it.  This actually isn’t the print I was going to use, I ordered some polka dot for her and this for the boys but the seller left the polka dot out by mistake.  The listing said that the coated cotton would be suitable for sandwich wraps and as Jim’s are looking a little tatty I thought I’d make him a few more.  However, this fabric is coated on the outside rather than the inside which means that you’d have to use it inside out so it was probably a good thing I only got half a yard rather than having it sitting around without knowing what to do with it.

This was really easy to make using this tutorial as a guide, the only issue I had was with getting the coat hanger down to size, I snapped the end off one side and managed to gash my index finger quite severely, so I used scissors after that!

Next up was something that had been floating around my head since I made Jim’s iPod case. I decided to make my Mum a camera case using up some of the Liberty Lawn squares that I’d bought recently.  I wanted to do a mini patchwork so I worked out the measurements and got to work.

Basically I took the 5″ squares and cut them into strips which I pieced together, then I cut the strips into 3 strips lengthways, flipped the middle one and sewed them back together again.  I then added some of the leftover Essex Linen I had to the sides and the resulting patchwork is one inch squares!  I quilted it by stitching near the ditch (I really must buy a stitch in the ditch foot soon) and then put it together as the tutorial dictates.  I did change the final sewing together order from the directions as I discovered with Jim’s case that my machine can’t pull through the fat bottom corner so rather than starting at the bottom of one side and going all the way around to the other bottom corner I started at the centre top (which has the added benefit of reinforcing the elastic) and sewed down to the bottom one side at a time and there was a lot less swearing and use of seam ripper!

I used three Liberty Lawn squares on the inside and the button was from my button box.  I adore this, it came out just how I’d pictured it in my head and I actually want to keep it for myself which I guess means digging out some more scraps and making myself one soon to ensure I do give this to my Mum!

And there’s another knit off the needles, this is King Cole 3528 made using Sirdar Calico.

I really like the way the pattern matches up the side seam, it’s a nice touch.  This was a really simple pattern, just two pieces with an easy pattern repeat on 4mm needles.  It didn’t take all that long once I got to work on it, again showing that if you actually work on your knitting you do make progress!  I can’t get the sleeves to lie flat even after a light iron but I’m thinking that when they have arms in them they will lie a bit flatter.

I cast off the neckline too loosely but rather than ripping back it was easier to do a crochet slip stitch around the inside skipping every fourth stitch, it’s now nice and firm rather than being all Flashdance!

So I’m now down to two projects left to finish from my list before the end of the year.  The Grenadine Cardigan is coming along nicely, I now have the back (which I finished before abandoning it), one sleeve and almost all of one front finished so I think I should be able to get it done quite soon as long as I keep working on it.  The other project is the crochet blanket which I’ve just started the final colour repeat on (I think there are 26 colours and I’ve done 1 1/2 so far).  I actually seem to have enough yarn to do another repeat but I think it will be far too long if I do that, it’s already going to be longer than I am tall which is surely enough!  Again, as long as I keep picking it up I should have no problem getting it done.  I’ve swatched already for the two projects I want to cast on when these are done which is good incentive to keep working away on them, hopefully I’ll have something else to show you soon!

Right, off to argue with a zip that I’m replacing in a bag for my sister.  The ‘heavy duty’ zip I bought for it actually has come apart at the stopper end which I was putting it in, so there’s going to be a lot of hand sewing to create a stop at then end as I’m not picking out 4 rows of stitching and buying another £5 zip, it’s been sitting there for far too long already!


2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Love your camera case. Liberty is always so cheery! And of course, I’m completely envious of anyone who can created knitted garments like that top. It’s gorgeous.

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