Recap Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate 2012

Due to a family gathering this weekend we had to move our now annual trip to Harrogate to Thursday rather than our usual Saturday.  My Aunt joined us this year so it was interesting to see the show from her perspective, my Mum and I feel like old hands at it now and generally know what we want to see and proceed into the International Centre with a marked up copy of the show map so we don’t miss anything!

This was my first year attending as a quilter rather than a knitter and garment sewer.  I’ve never found much at the show for my garment sewing so I have tended not to spend much time on the fabric stalls in the past but this year I went with a list of things to look out for.  I did get a few bits and pieces that I wanted but I was surprised to find a lack of designer quilting fabrics at the show.  There were a few stalls that had them but not the kind of things I was looking for.  I also didn’t find much in the way of knitting.  Now, I know that being a vegan knitter and not using animal fibres of any sort means that my knitting finds are always limited, but I still saw a lot less than usual that I would even have considered buying had I not blown my budget on fabric.  I did find a new to me company selling cotton that I would have bought from if I’d had any money left and I will be ordering from them in the future I’m sure!

So, the goodies!

From bottom to top, a grey FQ for a quilt I’m hoping to start soon (it says Sew all over it), 2 FQs of tape measure linen, a pink FQ which I liked and was only £2 so I got it and half a metre of orange print for the binding of another quilt in the works.  The orange was a bargain at £2.50!

A Patons pattern booklet and 2 balls of yarn to make the Diplodocus (can’t spell that…) that you can just see in the tiny picture bottom left.  The booklet and yarn together came to just under £9  (this dinosaur is apparently the cheapest to make from the book but I chose it as it’s always been my favourite dinosaur).  The finished thing is pretty big and I’ll be making it for Jim, probably attempting to get it done for his Birthday at the end of April.

Some Tula Pink 5″ squares and 2 scrap packs from The Cotton Patch.  I have no idea what I want to do with these squares, there are 30 of them so not enough for a quilt, but I do like this range and wanted to use it somehow without buying lots and lots of FQs.  The scraps are for yet another quilt in the planning and collecting stages, I will still need more in other colours.  You can also see some black and gold needles for some hand sewing I’ve recently started (yes, I’m sewing by hand after swearing I never would, the mood just took me and who am I to fight another new hobby??!!) and some bobbin keepers which attach your bobbin to the top of your thread spool.  Underneath the bits and bobs you can see the metre of Toy Story fabric I bought to make some summer pjs for Piggle.  I could only afford a metre of it at £8.95 but it’s super wide so I’m hoping that it will be enough for a full pair rather than just the trousers, we’ll see.  He was very happy with it when I showed it to him!

I spent a really long time at the Oakshott Cottons stand twice during the show.  Michael Oakshott was really lovely and didn’t seem to mind my indecisiveness.  His stand is right inside the main doors so I had a good look first and then it was the final stall I hit on the way out when I knew how much money I had left.  Mind you, I still managed to blow my budget totally as I couldn’t narrow it down to anything less than these and two half metres that will appear in another picture.  I don’t have plans for these cottons yet but they are beautiful so I want to think of something soon to use them for!

I’m slowly collecting for a log cabin quilt that I want to make out of flannels so these are for that.  There were quite a few flannels at the show but not many of them to my taste, couldn’t resist the green or the polka dots though!

I’ve wanted a nice bag to use to carry my laptop to and from the library and loved this design.  The fabric pack will be combined with the two Oakshott cottons to make the bag pictured, I will also need some lining fabric which I’ve not decided on yet, maybe some other linen I have in my stash, we’ll see.  It was quite funny as the lady on the stall kept showing me all the brown fabrics that they had and my Aunt and I kept saying how brown totally isn’t my colour palate, these greeny ones are gorgeous and the pack was cheaper than buying FQs of all of them.

These are the dies for 2″ finished squares and 1″ sided hexagons to go with this

Which is a Sizzix Bigshot.  This is my Birthday present from my Grandma, Aunt and me (my Birthday is next Thursday and it’s a rather large round number one).  I do find cutting can be a bit hit and miss sometimes when it comes to my quilts and hopefully this will help me out a bit.  I won’t go into a huge spiel on how it works as there are lots of blog posts about it out there and a blog tour going on at the moment about this machine so if you Google it you’ll find more than you want to know.  This came from The Cotton Patch who have the lowest price I’ve seen for it and were doing demonstrations at the show.  My Aunt was really impressed with it which was good as in my excitement, fatigue and having not used it in a shop for a while I forgot the pin number for my credit card so she had to put it on hers for me to pay her back the balance after present money!

I actually have realised that I have absolutely nowhere in my tiny sewing room to store it so that will be a challenge.  I’m looking forward to getting it out of the box and having a play with it soon.

A good day all around then and still enough interest that we’ll go again next year, although we hope the chef in Wagamama’s improves as we were all disappointed with our lunches there for the first time ever from that chain.


One thought on “Recap Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate 2012

  1. Jo says:

    I have just come back from the show today. I went with my mum and I got really excited when I found some of the Alexander Henry Ghastlies range. I got some in mould green! And then of course some lovely stretch fabric and a braiding book and then another book with fabric picture projects. The only reason I didn’t get the book following my tissue fitting demo was because I had run out of cash and they didn’t take cards. Oh and the 2m of a weird fabric to make button angels – I only wanted half a metre but it was £1.50 a metre minimum by one metre then when he measured there was only two metres left so he gave me the second metre for half price!! I have had such fun today!

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