Still Here

I didn’t mean to leave it so long between posts, I’ve been chipping away at things slowly, making a bit of progress but not as much as I’d like to have done, life just seems to have other plans for my time at the moment!

First of all we had some flooding which meant longer drives to school as we couldn’t go through the bottom of our road (there’s a beck where all the water from this end of the village drains) and a long journey one afternoon with my Dad in his 4×4 to collect the boys as I wasn’t convinced my car would make it through. This was the hill that runs beside our house, we live to the left of this picture.



These are the stairs that run down from one of my neighbours gardens onto the hill.


This is near the bottom of our road, around the corner to the right was so deep that 4×4’s couldn’t get through it.



And this is the wall that holds up the farmer’s field that’s opposite our house.  We’re used to the land drains running but I’ve never seen the water coming through the wall before, it was quite amazing!




If you ever wondered what running water does to a road surface this is your answer!  As we’re a B road I can’t imagine that they’ll get around to fixing this any time soon.  The farmer has cleared away all the loose road surface but there are now a lot more holes to drive over!




After all the water we had a freeze where I almost crashed several times on the way to pick up the boys as the roads were just sheets of ice.  I had to abandon the car at the bottom of the hill to the school as I knew I’d not get up it and cars couldn’t get back out of it onto the main road when I got there.  Scary driving weather for sure.  I actually missed a lecture at University that I really wanted to go to as the previous day it’d taken me 2 hours to make a 35 minute journey due to snow and they were predicting more.  I really hope that the predicted snow doesn’t hit this coming week as I am supposed to be going to University twice and one of the days I really do need to be there…

I did manage to finish off a few things though.  I gave myself a day off for my Birthday (actually the day before my Birthday as I had a lecture on the actual day and I wanted a whole day rather than just half off!).  I made a zip up pouch to keep my English Paper Piecing bits in for a quilt I’m making.  I used this tutorial which was really easy to follow and I’m sure I’ll make a few more of them.


The outer fabric is Madrona Road which I really love.  It needs to be used in large pieces I think to get the full effect and this pouch used the large pattern repeat really well.



My favourite bit of the fabric is the donkeys and I managed to fussy cut one for the end of the zip, their faces are just so sweet!





I was having a play with the Bigshot that I got at the K&S Show cutting out some hexagons.  Jim came to see what I was doing and took over the cutting for me!  We ended up with a big pile of them so I just started piecing them together without a real plan.  I remembered that I had some linen that I’d bought to see if I wanted to use it for Piggle’s quilt but had decided that the weave was too open so I thought to use it for a pillow and used my knitting time to do hexie sewing instead until I finally got it done.





Jim and I went a little OTT with the number of hexies we cut and I didn’t have any other plan for them so I made a few flowers and put them on the back of the pillow.  I probably could have placed them a little better but you live and learn.  I used Heat and Bond Ultra to attach the hexie pieces to the linen and then whipstitched around the edge of each piece as my kids are hard on soft furnishings!  I learnt that I need to use less glue when glue basting as it was a bit of a pain to get the papers out of some of these, glue basting with a 9 year old is a messy business too!






The only thing I’m not happy with about this pillow is that you can see the Heat and Bond through some of the lighter fabrics, but all in all I’m very happy with it and it has pride of place in the middle of the sofa.  Jim says it’s his as he ‘helped’ make it!






The boys were supposed to go and see their Dad this weekend but we were worried about the weather (which has turned out to be fine, always the way) so he came here to see them.  My plan had been to spend the weekend working on Christmas sewing as I have 3 presents left to make but I ended up going to see my Grandmother in hospital (she’s picked up a bit but she’s 99 so there are no guarantees) and didn’t get as much done as I wanted.  I am almost done with the first present and want to get that done and cut out the second tonight so that I can sew a bit here and there on it during the week.  I should still have time to get it all done, I just would have preferred to be farther ahead than I am at the moment.

I had also hoped to have another quilt finished by now but I’ve not even started it yet.  When I started cutting the fabric I discovered that it was seriously off grain, and not just one colour but across them all.  After emailing photos to the manufacturer they agreed to send me some replacement fabric which took a few weeks to get here from the US.  Once I get the Christmas sewing done I will be cutting it out and getting started on it.  I’ve got a ton of quilts planned and all the fabric I need for a few of them but I want to get this one done as it’s for the ‘baby cousin’ and he’s due just after Christmas.

In the knitting finish up I am almost done with Grenadine, I’m doing the sleeve cap shaping on the second sleeve which is the final piece to knit on it so I will be able to start sewing it together this week and then I can concentrate on getting the blanket done if I can get the cats off it, they have claimed it as their own even though it’s not done yet!  I will hopefully have both of these finished in the next week or so and reach my goal of clearing out all the WIPs, I’m looking forward to casting on for something new!


2 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. oh no! you have my sympathy re snow and rain. I made it to work today but more capital W weather is forecast. Sigh. I am with you on the goal of WIP-bashing! It would be lovely to start the new year with a clean slate 🙂

  2. Wow, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing such terrible flooding. I hope it’s receded by now and you all can return to life as normal.

    I’m really in love with your little bag! I keep meaning to make some but then not doing it. However, I don’t have any fabrics in my stash that are nearly as cool as yours!

    I love your hexy pillow too, and you know I love it that Jim helped you!

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