Trying to Get Things Finished

I finished up this bag for my Mum the other day.  She wanted a new bag to take her knitting around with her about the same size as the bag she had been using but taller and with a top closure so that things didn’t fall out.  I had a dig about in the fabric and pattern stashes and pulled out two half yards that went well together along with leftover linen (there are actually 2 different types of linen here but you can’t tell that luckily!) and a pattern called the Totally Awesome Totebag.  I’ve had the pattern for years but it doesn’t include pattern pieces, only measurements of how big you should cut your fabric and as I didn’t own quilting rulers until recently the idea of trying to cut the pieces straight put me off.



I reduced the width of the bag by four inches and the front pocket is shorter than the pattern called for as that’s all the fabric I had left!  I didn’t interface the handles as I figure that four layers of linen is enough to keep their shape.


I used this tutorial to make a zipped lining and to add a zipped inside pocket.  I did the inside pocket first as that made more sense to me than putting the top zip on and then doing it.


I’m not sure I’d put the zip in quite the same way if I use this tutorial again, it has the raw edges inside and you have to cover them with something, Piggle picked the penguins as I didn’t have any twill tape a similar shade.  I think the way the lining it attached to the bag it’d work fine to have the raw edges on the outside.


I lined the pocket with the outer fabric.  I actually made it a lot longer to begin with and then realised that as I was squaring the bottom corners it needed to be shorter.  This is the first time I’ve done an inset pocket like this and I’m really happy with it.  In fact I adore this bag, the only thing I’d change is the penguins.  Hopefully my Mum will be happy with it too.

I’ve made my sister’s nightdress but it’s so dark here today you’ll have to wait for a day that has sunlight for more than 2 hours for pictures.

But I do have another FO, here’s Grenadine finally completed!


This took me just over a year to knit for no other reason than I abandoned it and never worked on it.  The pattern is simple and well written and not actually dull to knit so I have no answers for why I put it down and didn’t pick it back up again.  Once I got working on it I finished it pretty quickly and the seaming was actually really easy as the pattern is so well written that the pieces fit together perfectly.

006 007

The pattern is basically ribbing but you do different numbers of knit and purl on each side to create this texture.  The front bands and cuffs are knit on so there’s no finishing beyond the seams and even those aren’t that many as the back of the collar and the shoulder seams are finished with a three needle bind off!


The pattern is from the Twist Collective Fall 2011 and I used Rowan Cotton Jeans in Mull from Kemps, just under 16 balls of it.  I’m really happy with the finished cardigan and looking forward to wearing it, also happy that it’s finally finally done, it was getting irritating to see it sitting there!

So, the final project to finish off before the end of the year is the crochet granny blanket.  I’m getting there, I think I have about 16 more stripes to go so I just need to keep working on it and it’ll be done soon (luckily I’ve been sewing in ends in batches along the way so there won’t be a ton of them to do when I finish).  I know what I’m casting on as soon as it’s done so I have that motivation to push me along!


2 thoughts on “Trying to Get Things Finished

  1. Really nice FOs! I love the bag you made for your mom – pretty and useful! And the cardigan is fantastic! I’m so glad you got back to it and finished it!

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