Knitting Waiting in the Wings

I have 8 more stripes left on the Granny Blanket so of course my mind has moved on to what I’m going to start once it’s finally done (and that includes sewing in the ends, I’m not going to cheat!).  Swatching isn’t cheating of course, it’s forward planning, so these are the projects ready to get on the needles as soon as all those ends are sewn in.

Peasy, a simple top down cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier.  I will be using this Linen Touch DK that I bought from Kemps in April 2011 specifically for this project.   It cost me £1.29 a ball according to my Ravelry page and I have 11 balls.

Patons Linen Touch DK

A while back now I stopped letting myself buy yarn with no project in mind for it.  I have yarn in my stash that I bought 7 or so years ago that I still can’t find a pattern to match so now when I see something on sale or that I like (except sock or shawl yarn) I make myself find a pattern so I know exactly how much to buy.  I have a really big queue on Ravelry, really big, like 30 pages, because it is much quicker to search that many pages for a specific yarn weight and needle size than to search all of Ravelry each time I want to make something.  That 30 pages is actually the cleared out version, I deleted a ton of things a month or so back (procrastination, gets all kinds of other things done!).  The ‘no yarn without a pattern’ policy has led to there being about 25 projects with yarn waiting to be made, so this year my goal it to work through as many of them as I can and to try not to buy much new yarn.

Another reason for not wanting the stash to grow larger and trying to make sure that I use what I have is that I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hands.  The carpel tunnel surgery did get rid of some of the issues I was having but not all of them and my hands are still stiff and sore, especially in this cold weather.  I don’t know how many years I’ll be able to knit for, could be 5 or could be 35 there’s no telling how fast it will progress, so it seems to make sense that I keep a firm handle on the stash rather than wasting money.  It would be silly to have to give away or try to sell a ton of yarn that I’ve stored for years and years so I want to start working through it sooner rather than later.  I have no firm rules for trying to not increase the stash, just a notion not to buy too much and to knit up more than I buy, sort of like I attempt with my fabric each year (and have failed dramatically with this year, quilting fabric stash, what quilting fabric stash?!?!).

So, back to the next thing I want to cast on for the Bramblewood Vest using Patons Cotton Twist Aran in Grape.

Patons Cotton Twist Aran

I don’t knit or sew with much purple, I don’t know why really as I like the colour, I just feel like it doesn’t really suit me, but this was a nice shade so I decided to give it a go.  Also, it’s quite hard to find aran weight yarn that doesn’t have animal fibres in it and this was the colour I liked best in Kemps clearance of it.   I bought this in October (didn’t make a note of how much I paid, it’s listed on Kemps at 99p but I think I paid around the £1.20 mark for it) and it’s stayed near the top of the yarn pile wanting to be made so I am giving in and doing it!

Finally (well, besides the Cold Mountain Stole and one of the crochet blankets that I started and then cast aside coming out of the cold to be worked on!) are the Bella Catena Italiana socks using this Whimzy Pinzy yarn I bought from another Ravelry user.

Whimzy Pinzy Bamboo Sock Yarn

I’m going to be using 2.5mm needles rather than the 2.25mm the pattern calls for as with this yarn (it’s Panda Cotton) as that’s the size I use for socks that have 60 stitches.  It’s a pretty simple pattern but it looks enjoyable and I want to use up some of my sock yarn stash this year along with tackling the stash earmarked for other projects.

Again, I’m going to try and keep the WIPs under control and not cast on wildly whenever I feel like it, I have a simple mainly stockinette item (Peasy) and more complicated knit that requires attention (Bramblewood), socks and some lace.  As I said I’ll also be working on one of the not often admitted to crochet blankets that I started and then put in a bag and hid away, I’m thinking maybe this one which I’m making from leftover bamboo yarn from previous projects.  I started it in October 2011, made about 10 bits and then stuck it away and haven’t looked at it since!  I have another Sock Yarn blanket on the go which I add to every few lace/sock projects and there’s also Babette which I don’t even want to check and see the start date of and may give up on if I don’t find some love for it next year.  Having a plan for how many projects I’ll have on the go at once makes me feel a bit more in control of my knitting and also means that I finish things off more regularly than if I have 10 things on the go.

So, I’m off to work on the blanket (and cut out that Apron, the 9 yo keeps giving me a Christmas countdown so I guess I’d better make it before I run out of time!) so I can cast on for these lovelies.

What are you looking forward to working on next?


One thought on “Knitting Waiting in the Wings

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with your hands – what a nightmare for you – I hope you aren’t in too much pain. I just thought I would let you know that both my Mum and Dad have had issues with the same sort of thing and they have found great relief through taking Rosehip. I am sure you have had many recommendations of what you should do, but honestly both my parents swear by it – they say that all symptoms have gone since they started taking it. Anyway I thought I would pass on the information. You have to take the pure version – they take one called Litozen, which is a pure and very strong Rosehip – you could maybe give it a go -you never know it might help. xxxx

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