Final Makes and Yearly Round-Up


I realised that it’s probably not going to get any lighter around here until March so I may as well take the photos of the finished blanket!  I worked on this for 19 months, it shouldn’t have taken that long despite its finished size, I just ignored it for long periods of time…


The finished blanket is 66 wide x 82 long.  There are 4 repeats of 26 different colours and I used Stylecraft Special DK for it.  I have lots of leftovers from this that I’m not sure what to do with as I don’t tend to use acrylic and there is only partial balls of it.  I might give it to the school or give it away on Freecycle, we’ll see.


This is an incredibly simple blanket but I’m really pleased with it, and even more pleased it’s done!  The cats claimed it as theirs from when it was about halfway finished so it’s already covered in cat fur and quite at home in the living room.

The final sewing of the year has been completed.  There is a slight chance that I might do a little bit more but as I’ve lost most of this week to being ill I will have to use the time the boys are away between Christmas and New Year for University work rather than sewing so I’m calling it over and done with now!

006 007

This is the standard nightdress I make for my sister every few years, the pattern tracings have her name written on the envelope so I know which one to pull out.  It’s Kwiksew 3144 which I shortened to knee-length.  The jersey is PRR which I left undyed.  My sister and a poodle are a very unlikely combination, as is the colour pink, so it makes me laugh, whether she’ll find it quite as funny I don’t know but I’m pretty sure she’ll wear it anyway!

And this is the apron for my Aunt


It’s McCalls 5825 using some fabric and ric rac from the stash.  I hope she likes it, I know I do, but my tastes are very different from hers so we’ll see!

So, onto the end of the year round-up as is traditional around these parts!

This year I sewed 193 3/4 yards/metres of fabric which sounds brilliant and is an absolutely massive amount, however I confess that I’ve bought more than that…  I stopped counting the purchases in August but lets just say that I have enough to make about 5 quilts start to finish plus a healthy quilting stash that didn’t exist before.  I intend to sew it down a bit next year and to really try to buy less as it’s getting rather silly now, I’m not making pledges or taking oaths though, I can but try!

From that large amount of fabric I made: 9 t-shirts (adult and children’s), 10 pairs of pyjamas, 8 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers (1 child one adult), 5 quilts, 9 bags (including camera/iPod cases and a peg bag), 3 dresses, 5 cushions, 1 child’s jacket, a quilted advent calendar, 1 skirt, 1 apron and 1 nightdress.  A grand total of 56 sewn items.  Last year I made 53 items so considering how long a quilt takes to make and the fact that I’ve had a lot less sewing time due to doing my research I’m pretty happy with that result!

My knitting is down this year, 23 things made compared to the 30 of the last 2 years.  Again, this had to do with making quilts rather than knitting and also having had the carpel tunnel operations on my hands.  This year I knit or crochet: 7 shawls/scarves, 1 dog jumper, 8 cardigans, 2 pairs of socks, 2 jumpers, 2 baby items and 1 blanket.  Not a bad haul really and I’ve not had any really bad failures either and for once everything I made this year fit me!

So, crafty goals for next year…  As I’ve said I want to buy less and use up more of what I have stashed in both fabric and yarn (I said the same thing last year, maybe I can do it this time!).  I could sew and knit for several years from what I have and it’s starting to feel like a little much.  I want to carry on quilting and make up the long list of quilts I have planned (I’ll share more of these plans in a future post) and to carry on making the boys pyjamas and anything else they need that I can sew for them, I also have jumpers planned for them both that I’d like to get made next year as it’s been a while since I knit anything for them, Jim in particular.  I still don’t need any more clothes so garment sewing will probably be sporadic until I wear out or shrink out of all the things I have.  I’m also thinking of getting rid of some of my patterns as there are far too many of them I will probably never make and I’d rather they were used (particularly the vintage ones) but I’ve not decided how to do that yet.  The one thing I’d really like is to find more time to make things, but I think I will probably be dealing with less rather than more as my research advances and I’m just going to have to get used to that.  Making things still brings me great joy so I will be fitting it in whenever I can and I’ll keep you up to date with what I get up to in 2013, promise!

Thanks to you all for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me to hear from you and to know that you’re interested.


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