Long Term Quilting Projects

I’m not usually one for long term sewing projects, I like to get on with it and see the finished item, but for some reason I have come around to the idea of long term quilting projects and I have a few things in the works that will be worked on slowly and hopefully be completed in the next year, all going well!

The first one I started is Hexy MF.


(photo from Fat Quarterly blog)

I don’t have all the fabric for this, I’m picking up a FQ here and there as I see them and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of the central polka dot fabric I’m using as I only have a FQ in that colour.  When it’s gone I’ll have to decide whether to try and hunt down some more (I’ve not seen it anywhere recently though) or go onto another colour as I bought a bundle of polka dots so I have more I can use.  I think I said before that I’m not so big on the vines and leaves so I will have to decide what to do when I’ve got enough flowers to actually do something with!  I have ordered the backing fabric as I saw what I wanted, I’m not sure which fabric I will use behind the flowers on the front but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

Next, although it’s not really ‘next’ as all of these will be going on at the same time, is the Lucky Stars Block of the Month Club from Don’t Call Me Betsy.


I have never done paper piecing but I’ve never let the fact I’ve not tried something stop me from giving it a go so I joined up.  It’s only $10 until after Christmas which I think is a fab deal.  I will be sewing these from stash as I have a ton of fabric, so it’ll probably be quite a scrappy quilt.  I haven’t decided on colours or prints yet, I’ll wait until I get the first block to work on and then have a play and see what I feel like using.

I wanted to join the Simply Solids Monthly Stash Club but couldn’t justify it to myself unless I had a plan for the fabric.  I found a pattern I want to work on with it and signed up for 3 half metres a month for the very reasonable price of £11.  The first parcel arrived the other day and had three lovely purples in it and it’s going to be nice to have a regular parcel of fabric and I shall be making blocks monthly for the Rainbow Ripple Quilt Pattern.

Rainbow Ripple Quilt Pattern(photo from Red Pepper Quilts blog)

I’ve decided to make it bigger than the pattern dimensions so I’ll be doing 3 blocks of each colour and rather than mixing them I will put the colours together so that it moves through the spectrum.  I’m hoping to use Moda Cross Weave in Grey for the backing fabric but I’m waiting for a sale code before I buy it as it’s a little pricey.

And finally for my long term quilt projects I will be working on a Scrap Vomit quilt.

4878252361_d8ab2f50b2_b(photo from I’m A Ginger Monkey blog)

Some people are offended by the name apparently but I think it’s kind of funny!  I’ve already made 2 blocks for it, as so


and the bag at the top of the picture is the rest of the squares I have cut so far.  I’m using the 2.5″ square die with the Bigshot for this and it’s really easy to cut the scraps down to size.  So that I get a lot of variety I will be making blocks as and when I finish cutting for other projects so that the squares don’t all have the same fabrics in them.  I’m using Kona Pepper and Cerise which should hopefully be here soon so I can do my first solid blocks.  This is a pretty easy project, I just need to create the scraps!

The only thing I’ve not figured out for these projects is how I’m going to store them through the year.  I tried to find some large square not too tall plastic storage boxes and couldn’t locate any the right size (I need about 16″ square).  I’d prefer to lay the blocks flat rather than folding them as they could be there a long time.  I’d love to hear how you store your quilting (or sewing!) WIPs, as I said I’m not someone who normally has more than one sewing project on the go so this is all new to me, plus I am very limited for space as per usual so I need a plan otherwise I will be buried by an avalanche of projects at some point!

I’ll keep you updated as these progress, hopefully I’ll finish a couple before then end of the year and I won’t end up with 4 quilts to quilt and bind next December!


3 thoughts on “Long Term Quilting Projects

  1. Liz M says:

    I’ve got a scrap vomit quilt on the horizon – I’ve got lots a squares cut and just bought some black klona to cur up too!
    I was thinking of trying to find some 16″ pizza boxes to keep my blocks in – only problem is we don’t have takeaway pizza very often so don’t know a takeaway to blag some from!
    I use Graze boxes for smaller blocks – I’ll let you know if I find some larger ones!

  2. Ooooh! I love that rainbow ripple quilt!

    I’ve started a long-term quilting project too: I’m making the Feather Bed Quilt by Anna Maria Horner. I’m hoping to post about it in the next few days!

  3. Great plans! I recently discovered the Ginger Monkey blog and have half a plan to make a scrap vomit quilt… but i really must dig out mt quillty WIP first…

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