It’s two steps forward one and a half back here at the moment. Over Christmas both the boys had a virus of some sort, then they went to their Dad’s for a week and I got the virus so I didn’t get anything done at all.

Back to school after the Christmas break that felt like it went on forever and after the first week Piggle got a stomach bug, then it started to snow, then Jim got the stomach bug, it snowed some more and I got the stomach bug…  Add to that the fact that our central heating broke on Friday evening and only got fixed yesterday evening stress levels have been rather high.  I managed to write an essay I had due at University with both kids home from school (and then had to post it special delivery as I couldn’t get to University to hand it in!). I’ve since realised that I was coming down with the bug at the time and can’t get up the nerve to check whether I was actually writing in English or babbling oddly…


Jim and I built a snow pig, people have taken pictures of it which makes him very proud.  Apparently today we’re going to dig him out of the fresh snow and built the rest of the Peppa Pig family, the joy…

We’ve now been in the house for 8 days except for walks down to the local shops and it’s getting a little tiring. The hill by our house is possibly just passable if you have a car that isn’t as low as mine is, it’s too far for Piggle to walk to school as it’s down a big hill and then up a huge hill which is no fun in the snow.  The school is actually open today but I couldn’t figure out how to get them there this morning, I was just too tired.

I’ve not even managed much sewing which has been frustrating. I just have the binding for the baby cousin’s quilt, he arrived safely just over a week ago and our parents are going to visit him next week so I need to finish that and some other bits to send down with them, should be doable I hope. I feel behind on everything sewing related, I’ve not done my rainbow blocks, I’ve not done my star blocks, I’ve not finished the frame on the Woodland Sampler for this month (why did I decide I needed another project and why did I decide to use linen, I’m already going blind…) let alone what goes inside it.  I’m hoping once I get this quilt out the door I will feel better and can make some progress, it’s been a pain in so many ways and I just want it done now!

Knitting has even been slow as with the cold my hands have been hurting.  I have finished one sleeve of the Peasy cardigan and started on the second and the Bramblewood Vest is now connected in the round so should make some progress if I pick it up again!

Something I decided to do was to have a good clear out this year. I want to move in the summer (even more so after the central heating issues, that’s every winter we’ve lived here) and I don’t need to take all the stuff I have with me. I decided that if I’ve not used it or looked at it since we moved here it can go and thus I took a whole car boot full of things to the charity shop and have given away loads of my fabric scraps that I’ve been holding onto but not using (they went to a local school) and the bag of yarn left over from the Granny Blanket.  It’s felt nice to get rid of things I’ve been keeping just because I’ve always kept them.

The other day I got an idea in my head that I had too many sewing patterns (this decluttering thing is contagious, you start with one chest of drawers and the next thing you know you’re emptying kitchen cupboards).  My chest of drawers is stuffed, and that really doesn’t help the poor drawer that’s falling apart.  I devised a criteria for what to keep and what not to keep which went along these lines; if I’ve made it did I like it and did I wear it? Is this something I would wear? Does this fit the style I want to have/how I want to dress? Is it the right size for me? A couple of things I did keep just because I like them even though I know I won’t use them but after I’d finished throwing patterns over my shoulder onto the table and floor behind me this is what I had


Those bags are jammed pretty full with patterns…  I am thinking that I will try to set up an Etsy shop because there are some lovely vintage patterns in there as well as most of the vintage reprints (unopened and uncut) that have been issued in the last 8 years or so, as much as I like to look at them I’m never going to wear a dress with a fitted bodice and a circle skirt and I’m far too short and wide for 40’s fashion… There are some that will end up at the charity shop and I will perhaps do a give away or two on here. Once I get them all listed and sorted I will let you know and post a discount code of some sort for blog readers but don’t hold your breath as I’ve still got a stack of cookbooks beside my chair to list on Amazon that have been there for 2 weeks since I cleared out over 50 from my collection!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon and things will be back to some sort of normality!


3 thoughts on “Trying

  1. Oh dear! That all sounds exhausting! Take it easy until you get your strength back.
    Good luck with the etsy shop plan. It is a real pain listing stuff but quite a thrill when you sell something! My shop has been quiet for a couple of months now. I need to make more of an effort to promote it I suppose. Actually listing stock would be a help – people won’t buy if its the same old tired stuff that’s in there all the time. There – that’s me told! 😉
    Be well!

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