Lucky Stars BOM Beginnings

You may remember (or not) from my post on my long-term projects that I joined the Lucky Stars Block of the Month club run by Don’t Call Me Betsy. There’s a button on the right sidebar if you want to have a look at the info about it.

I have been itching to get started on these, I actually began the practice block a few weeks back but had to stop to work on the Bungle Jungle quilt and I messed up one of the pieces and had to re-make it anyway. With the Bungle(d) quilt out of the way and a few other projects I’ve still yet to show you these paper pieced blocks were high up in the pile of stuff that I want to get done.


As you can see from this very neatly constructed plan I am a whiz at technical drawing and designing quilts! This is what I intend to do with the blocks once they are all made. In total there will be thirteen 12″ and  thirteen 6″ finished blocks so the one I like the least or mess up completely can be left out (and thus the numbers 12 and 6 all over the drawing).  I am using Free Spirit Designer Solids in Manatee as the background colour for all the blocks and also for the sashing so that the blocks really pop out of it, or at least that’s what I hope they’ll do, I’ve never made up a quilt before so what I see in my brain could be very far from what I come out with.

If you’ve not done paper piecing before (I hadn’t and still mess it up with frustrating regularity) basically the pattern is printed on paper and you add one piece of fabric at a time sewing through the paper and when they’re all on you trim the block to the right size (hopefully not discovering that you’ve not got a seam allowance on a large patch like I did with the second piece I made..) and then rip off the paper and sew the pieces together to make the block. The lining up and making sure the fabric is the right way up still flummoxed me but it’s good fun and always nice to try something new. Rather than cutting fabric specifically for the smaller blocks I have been using the leftover bits I cut off the large blocks, it’s worked so far so I will try to keep doing it if I can as it saves on fabric.

So, the first block was the practice block. I won a fat quarter bundle of Flock from Andover for having Piggle’s bunny quilt featured on their blog so as it was out I grabbed it and got cutting. These blocks are made up of 8 sections.


I was pretty pleased with these as a first attempt! The little blocks are so tiddly and cute!

I was determined to get January’s block done IN January, especially as I’ve failed totally to get anywhere near done with the January bit of the year-long Woodland Sampler cross stitch-along I also joined. Turns out that cross stitching on linen with very little sunlight in January is very hard on the eyes and actually finding time in daylight to work on it even harder…

Anyway, I pulled out some green fabric from my stash as I have rather a lot of green as it’s my favourite colour. I was really uncertain if these prints went together or not right up until the blocks were being pieced but I’m happy with how this one turned out. It was actually a simpler block than the practice one, made up of only 4 sections.


So, tomorrow I will get an email with February’s block in it. I won’t get onto that right away as now I’ve cleared a few small projects from my sewing area I have picked up a quilt that I started accidentally when I should have been working on the Bungle one. Hopefully it will be done soonish as I have other projects taking up brain space that I should probably be using for something other than sewing and fabric. Luckily I’m feeling motivated at the moment and have been making time to do some sewing each day which has been lovely, hopefully I can keep it up!


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