Well Then

I seem to have lost most of this month, it’s flown by and I’ve been busy trying to keep my head down doing my research which has meant that I’m usually shattered by the evening and don’t manage to post anything. Then when I do find myself with some time I would rather be sewing or knitting rather than writing about it! But, here I am with the final post about the things I made last month just as I’m trying to mentally figure what I want to get finished before the end of this month! Anyway…

I kept the night dress that I had made for Piggle and gave it to my sister for her son. Once I’d explained what it was and how he should wear it she and her husband both really liked it and found it much easier to have ties in the middle of the night than poppers so I whipped them up a few more using bits of knit from my scraps basket.

010 011 012 013

The appliqués are from a basketful that I bought years back, not quite sure why I thought I needed so many but I am chipping away at them here and there.

The dark blue one is a bit of a mess, I mistakenly put the appliqué on the back rather than the front as the first step of making it and didn’t realise until the almost final step of putting the buttonholes in for the ribbon. The entire garment is made backwards and the ribbon ties on the back instead of the front. There was no way I was picking out dark blue thread on dark blue knit though so I left it and it seems to be working OK despite my basic error. The pattern for these is McCalls 8574 and I made the Newborn size.

I also made another of the zippered pouches, this one using a 14×14″ square to have it big enough to fit my embroidery hoop and threads box for the Woodland Sampler that I’m woefully behind on (I’ve done about 1/3 of January’s block so far…).


The inside is Moda Basic Grey which is a bit like Grunge I think. I bought this fabric with no idea what I was going to do with it as I’m not into flags but I do like the mopeds. I think it looks nice as a bag and it’s preventing my cross stitch from being trampled. The bag does stand up well even though it’s a lot taller than the pattern versions. I did the bottom corners a bit shallower than the pattern said for a bag this size too as I didn’t need it to be wider than the threads box.

Right, so that was last month. This month I have finished another quilt that I will show you when it’s light enough to take pictures of it. I am going to test the Gather dress pattern in the next few days that other Bloggers have mentioned and then I want to try and get my Star BOM done and make a start on the Simply Solids Stash Club fabric that I’ve got sitting there. I was supposed to be doing monthly blocks for that quilt but I now have 3 lots of fabric here waiting so I had better make a start really!

I have been knitting but the projects I’ve been working on are in one piece which makes progress feel a little slower but actually things are going well. I would like to have one done by the end of the month if I can and the second shouldn’t be too far behind I’d hope. I’ve been finding the knitting hard with it being so cold recently, my hands are pretty stiff and some evenings it’s hurt too much to knit much at all. I find purling particularly hard on my right hand and you can see on the top down cardigan I’m working on the difference between knit and purl rows. I’m hoping that blocking it will even it out a little bit, if not I can just say I was going for the textured look.

Anyway, the boys are away and I’m actually supposed to be reading for my research rather than blogging, but I am glad I’ve documented these things finally!


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