No Mojo March?

March feels like it was a bad month for sewing, in fact it’s probably the worst I can remember for a long while now. I keep track of how much fabric I use and buy each month so I can try and achieve my constant goal to sew more than I buy (some years I get there, others I fail totally, it all balances out in the end I think!) and last month the total fabric used for completed projects was half a yard/metre. That’s right, half…  The only sewing project I finished was the hot water bottle cover.

However, what you haven’t seen yet (because none of it’s done yet!) is the 2 quilts worth of blocks I made and the owl cushion that I’m halfway through. You should see the first of the quilts next week depending on how fast it dries once I finish it today and how much light there is when it’s time to photograph it, then I can get onto sashing the second quilt which is what stopped me from getting further with it, I had to wait for the sashing fabric to arrive from the States.

I did have one final finish in March, a plain pair of stripey socks made over 72 stitches using Wendy Happy in the Leo colourway.


With hardly any trying these became matching socks. I messed up my stitch count on the feet of these, reducing down the gusset to the number of stitches needed for 64 stitch socks. It totally threw me the first sock when I came to do the toe but it looks ok. I did it on purpose the second time around to try and keep the stripes matching and just started reducing on the top before the bottom. I was still one stitch off though, I haven’t found a dropped stitch anywhere yet so maybe I knit two together somewhere along the way by mistake, anyway, it all turned out ok in the end! My brain wanted a bright simple project I think and these were perfect. I’m now working on another pair of socks having ripped out the pair that had been sitting there for ages and weren’t doing much for me. This pair are mega bright and quite fun to knit so they shouldn’t take too long I don’t think.

I’m still working on my cross stitch too and enjoying it. I am half way through one which I’ve paused on to go back to the Woodland Sampler for this month’s block. I’ve just got the animal and some random raindrops left of that so I should be able to show it soon and get back to the other one. I also signed up for the Spring Sampler but I won’t be trying to keep up with it as it’s 5 blocks a week for all of April, I’ll just fit it in once I’ve done the other bits I have planned. I got an order of a huge bag of embroidery threads and Aida in the post the other day (I order from Sew and Sew who charge £1.99 postage and seem to have good prices on everything, a huge range and they post fast which is always important to my impatient self) so I’m set now for 5 cross stitch projects including the ones I’m working on, yep find something I like and got totally OTT on it… I keep looking on Etsy for patterns and sticking them in my basket for later, no idea where I’m going to hang all these things when they’re done, especially considering I already have a stack of prints I’ve bought over the years waiting for me to find frames for them…

Somewhere in my brain I think I’m contemplating making some clothes again soon too. I need to get going on summer pyjamas so they’re ready for if we ever get a warmer night (plus Piggle keeps asking when he gets his Toy Story pyjamas and the answer ‘soon’ won’t hold him off for long). I also bought some Sew Liberated patterns and two dress patterns from Deer and Doe (the dress that starts with S and the new dress that’s just been released, so you don’t have to guess Roo!) so after I clear out some of the quilting stuff that I want to finish off I will pull those out and have a go, I’m still searching for the perfect dress.

So, although I feel like March was a no mojo month it seems like I did get quite a bit done, but not a lot finished. Hopefully that means that April will be a never ending parade of FOs, or not!


2 thoughts on “No Mojo March?

  1. Those look like VERY happy socks 😀 There si nothing quite like the joy of self-striping sock yarn!
    I hope you find the perfect dress soon!

  2. Gwen Bridgwater says:

    Lovely socks! I don’t suppose you have any of the yarn left that I could buy from you? I just need a small amount to finish some baby legwarmers.

    Gwen in KS

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