Zig Zag Rail Fence Quilt (and some stars)

I finished off the Zig Zag Rail Fence Quilt on Saturday. The pattern is from Red Pepper Quilts and is really easy to follow with very clear instructions even though it’s a pretty simple design.  It’s a lap size quilt which I find quite an odd size, I tend to think of quilts as being for beds so I make them bigger than this.  The finished quilt is just longer than a 9 year old boy is tall!


The coloured fabrics are mainly from The Surly Sheep (Ebay and their own store where you can pick your own bundles) in either fat eights or fat sixteenths so that I could make it as scrappy as possible. There are also a few fabrics from my scraps in there and other scrap packs I picked up here and there. The light grey is Kona in Iron, the pattern calls for white fabric but white in my house just won’t float, 2 young boys and a very clumsy me would mean it’d have coffee and juice stains all over it within minutes so I decided that grey would suit us better!


The blocks for this are very simple, just 2 rows of coloured fabric and one of grey, but making over 200 of them did get a little old, even with chain piecing them. I had to trim my blocks 1/8 of an inch smaller than they should have been due to my not yet perfect cutting and piecing skills but I’m getting better as before I’ve been 1/4 of an inch or more out on blocks!


The backing is Moda Basic Grey Grunge which I adore. Maybe it’s the former Goth in me but the worn look of the fabric is lovely. It also has wonderful hand to it and, this will probably sound very odd, it smells really nice! I’m very sensitive to smell and some fabric dyes can really be horrible but this has a really fresh cotton smell to it which made it a joy to work with. I pieced the quilt using Aurifil 50wt in grey and then did the grid quilting with Aurifil 40wt in the same shade. I don’t know who the binding fabric is by as I didn’t have any printing on my selvedge for it, right up until I cut the binding I was going to use a mainly black fabric for it but I then decided to go with something more colourful and I’m glad I did as I really like the way it looks against the grey background. The batting is Quilter’s Dream Select which is my go to batting now as it’s slightly thicker than the others I’ve tried and I prefer my quilts to have some body rather than being totally flat.

I had a calamity during the quilting of this, my sewing machine gave up on me, all of a sudden the feed dogs stopped feeding the fabric through, they move up and down but not back and forth. I took apart what I could and cleaned it out but it just wouldn’t work. I was 3/4 of the way through the quilting and panicked for about 3 minutes over not having a sewing machine before remembering that my Mum bought exactly the same machine a few years back as I love mine so much so I went right over and borrowed hers and carried on with the quilt. A repairman came to look at my machine today (found one in the Yellow Pages that does house calls as the nearest places are 1 hours drive each way) and has taken it away to see if he can fix it but he’s not sure it will be repairable which is a huge worry as I really can’t afford a new machine right now. I guess I will just have to wait and see what he says and keep my fingers crossed.

This weekend I also caught up with my Lucky Stars blocks. I do still have this month’s to do but I have the fabric picked out for it and needed a little break after sewing 4 in a row. I do love how these come together, especially the little ones which are just so damn cute, totally worth the fiddly piecing on them.

002Ninja Star

003Exploding Star

I’m really glad that I’m not so far behind on these and am happy with the fabric combinations and finished look of these.

I also tidied my sewing room the other night (making myself about an hour late going to bed, as you do when you get going on something like that!) and organised what I want to get done next so I will hopefully have a few more bits to show you soon as long as this cold my boys have passed onto me doesn’t develop any further that is…


4 thoughts on “Zig Zag Rail Fence Quilt (and some stars)

  1. I love it! I’m hoping to do a zigzag or chevron quilt one of these days . . . my quilting seems to have stalled though!

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