Working the List Again

I keep my list of projects in a small notebook in my sewing room now that gets updated when I get all the bits for a project and then re-written when I change my mind, ripped out and started again periodically and generally changed almost constantly!  However, it at least gives me an idea of what I want to do and what I have ready to be made. I was going to work on another quilt which I’ve finished the blocks for and just need to sash next but it turns out that the batting is back ordered and won’t be here for 1-2 weeks so I decided to get some of the smaller projects off the list in the meantime.

First up was a camera case for me like the one I made my Mum for Christmas using the rest of the Liberty squares I had.


I did stripes for mine rather than the 1 inch patchwork like I’d done for hers. I used Essex Linen in natural and two layers of batting as I’m rather clumsy and have a habit of knocking my camera into things…  I bought a stitch in the ditch foot a few months back and I have to say it is terrible. I gave up with it on this and eyeballed the ditch instead. I am wondering if maybe I can try to bend the foot a bit so it actually lines up with the needle, I will have to have a play with it sometime and see.

The inside of the case is just three of the squares sewn together.


I wish I’d had thinner elastic and used a slightly shorter piece but there you go. Jim picked the button, not quite what I’d have gone for but I can live with it and I’m happy to have a pretty case for my camera rather than the boring black one I had been using!

Next up was the bag I bought the pattern and fabric for at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year. The company is called Monkey Buttons and they are online too I think. They have a lovely selection of Japanese fabrics along with patterns and some kits for the patterns. The fabric kit I bought wasn’t actually for the pattern I bought but there was enough in it to make this bag with an added half metre of plain fabric.


I didn’t make the bag as written (that’d be too easy!). I liked the shaped bottom of the smaller version of the bag so I adapted the pattern piece to fit my patchwork. I also added a strip of linen to the bottom of the bag so the patchwork was framed. Rather than quilting through the lining and then binding the side seam and leaving the base seam uncovered as the pattern suggested I ironed some medium weight interfacing onto my batting (and a second layer onto the fabric too for the bottom piece) and then made a separate lose lining for the bag which is impossible to photograph and isn’t a hellish mess like the photo suggests.


I attached the lining under the binding and I’m much happier with this method than the way the pattern wanted me to do it.


The lining is Oakshot cotton, I had the label with the name of this colour on my desk the whole time I was making the bag and it disappeared right before I finished it, but it’s a lovely combination of blue and green and is so pretty, I used it on the outside of the bag too in the patchwork.


The quilting was done with Aurifil 40wt in the light grey that I seem to be using for everything at the moment. It worked with the linen as well as the fabrics. I copied the straight line quilting that I liked from the version of the small bag I’d seen at the show and is also photographed on the pattern.

Sometimes patterns call for odd things and this one had me in the hardware shop buying television cable to put inside the handles. It does make them nice and round but they feel a little funny to me, I’m sure I’ll get used to them though!

This bag is big enough for a weekend away or to haul my laptop and books to the library. I do like a nice large sized bag even though it means that I tend to end up carrying far too much.

I managed to finish this month’s Woodland Sampler block today too. The boys go back to school tomorrow and I’ll need to hit the books again hard after taking two weeks off so I wanted to finish up as much as I could while I had the time off. This is the block.


and this is how the whole thing looks so far


I’m presuming I’ll be safe to iron out the hoop creases when I’m done with it. I really enjoy working on this but I’m glad that I can get back to the other cross stitch that I started whilst waiting for this month’s block to arrive in my inbox, hopefully I will be able to finish that off before May’s block arrives!

I also am almost done making another two blocks for the the Scrap Vomit quilt, I hadn’t worked on it in ages and Jim wanted to help me in my sewing room so I got him to pick out the fabrics for two blocks, it took him forever but we got there in the end and that will be a few more stashed away, I think I have a row and a half of it done so far!

Of course there were about another 15 things on the list that I would have liked to have finished up during this Easter break but there you go, catching a horrible cold from the boys didn’t help and slowed me down quite a bit. I’ve done quite well crossing things off and I still have a few evenings and a weekend without the boys where I can work on things before the batting arrives and I get into finishing the next quilt which looks like this at present (there will be sashing between the blocks, that’s on the list to do soon!).


I will hopefully also have some knitting to show soon as I am making something for Jim’s Birthday which is in two weeks time so I need to get on with it! I’m also halfway through a pair of socks which I’m really enjoying so hopefully those will be done soon too.

Back to work we go, with less illnesses this term if you don’t mind!


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