Bobbing Along*

I feel like I’ve not achieved that much with my crafty stuff, but when I have time to put it down here I feel a little better as it does seem like I’m making some sort of progress, even if it’s slow!

Meet Dipley Veg, as he’s been christened:


Jim turned 10 last week (I know, 10, I’m still wondering where 10 years of my life went, maybe I should read back on the blog as I started it when he was 15 months old!) and I made him the dinosaur that I bought the booklet and yarn for at the Knitting and Stitching Show. He’s a Diplodocus and turned out to be a pretty large chap.


He has the sweetest feet though.


The pattern is from Patons booklet 3847 and uses Fab DK. It was easy to follow the pattern but very lacking in detail when it came to construction, ‘attach legs’ doesn’t really tell you a lot does it?  It took me a while day to sew him together and get him stuffed. The pattern suggests wrapping florists wire with pipe cleaners and inserting them into the neck, tail and legs. Personally I know my boys well enough to understand that at some point this Diplodocus will become a weapon with which to attempt to inflict harm on each other so wire of any sort no matter what it’s wrapped with was out of the question. I just stuffed it really firmly and it seems fine, the neck and tail can be bent into different positions and it stands up well on its own. I’m now working on a Triceratops for Piggle’s birthday in June, it has many more pieces to knit and eventually attach so I intend to make sure I get on with it so I’m not attaching horns at midnight the night before!

I haven’t done much sewing recently. I had an accident with my rotary cutter a fortnight ago and ended up in the Minor Injuries Unit. I’m still not sure whether it was good or bad that I’d changed the blade the week before, I guess at least it was a clean cut… Anyway, I need to cut the sashing for my Chicopee quilt but I’ve been a little worried about cutting (injury was down to pure clumsiness, caught the edge of the ruler and went off at a random angle rather than managing to run the blade down the side of it), plus I’m worried that I did my quilt math wrongly and I won’t have enough fabric. I just need to woman-up and get on with it really.

I did manage to get started on the summer pyjamas though which made Piggle very happy as he’s been asking about these since the fabric landed here almost a year ago!


The bottoms are Kwik Sew 1556 and the t-shirt is Kwik Sew Sewing for Children, Piggle is officially too big for the Toddler’s book now, sob… I had to go up a size again as he’s growing like a weed. I’ve got another 2 pairs planned for him and 2 pairs for Jim who hasn’t grown quite as much as his brother and can still wear a few pairs from last year.  Looking at my fabric I’ve hardly got any flannel for next winter, but I do have a ton of knits so I’m thinking it will be a knit year to stash bust some of that.

And finally, some socks. I finished of last year really well with getting everything off the needles and the promptly cast on for everything in sight right afterwards… I am now trying to get the number of projects down again and finishing these off is at least one thing less.


These are Nemesis from Knitty and I used Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo Cotton in Lemons and Limes on 2.5mm needles. This pattern was lovely, so easy to follow, and I love a sock pattern with a long chart, only 3.5 repeats of it and the socks are done, fabulous! The pattern looks a lot more complicated than it is which is always nice. I love the colours of this yarn so these were a joy to make and took just over a month.

Next up to get off the WIP list is a jumper for Piggle which will be the fastest thing to get done as he’s so small. I’m 2/3 of the way down the body and then I just have to knit the sleeves in the round and it’s done. I found some buttons for it today so hopefully it should be done within a couple of weeks.

Back as soon as I have something to show you!

*Hopefully I now have everyone of my generation channelling Angela Lansbury and singing the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks…


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