Chicopee Whirlygig Quilt

In the sales around Christmas I bought 2 Chicopee charm packs and then let them sit before finding this tutorial and deciding to use it.



I looked at different colour choices for the solid in these blocks and loved the look of the Kona Silent Cinema collection which is black and greys. The pre-cuts were the wrong size for my 5×5 charm squares (plus they were incredibly expensive) so I bought half a yard of each colour to use instead.


This quilt was intended for my bed (as pictured) so I wanted a good twin size at least to cover the top (I’m not that concerned with it hanging really far over the edges). I hadn’t done my figuring quite right though as I had thought that I would get double the number of blocks I did from the charm packs. Enter sashing in the form of the black line dot which I actually think works really well so I’m sort of pleased that I did need sashing!


The backing is the fuchsia line dot and I used the grey plaid print for binding, managing to find an Aurifil thread for the quilting that matched the backing fabric perfectly!


I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the quilting, I had bought a variegated Aurifil thread in greys, black and white to use and I did use it when I quilted around the whirlygigs (not always wonderfully staying in the ditch). When I was halfway through and there were places where the variegated thread really showed up I decided to use black on the sashing instead.


The quilting isn’t too bad for a first go at a quilt this large. I enjoyed the stippling a lot although it did get a bit dull after a while! I also like the way that using black thread gave it texture without showing up too much.

Of course the weather isn’t playing ball, this was supposed to be used with just a flat sheet for summer weather and it’s so cold here I still have my winter duvet on the bed. One day it’ll live in it’s intended spot, whether that’s when we get back to winter on top of the duvet who knows!



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