In the last week and a half two members of my family have been admitted to hospital with potentially life-threatening illnesses. One was released after a few days and is doing well and the other is still in hospital making a slow recovery but doing much better. Needless to say by the time I got the phone call about the second hospital admission I had pretty much given up on trying to get any University work done and retired to my sewing room to try and find some calm in making things.

I had seen the tutorial and free pattern sheet for the Kaleidoscope block on Red Pepper Quilts so I downloaded it and pulled out my scrap basket. I did two blocks start to finish and discovered, when I pulled off the paper at the very end, that I had done it completely backwards and that the seams were on the front, guess I was a little more preoccupied and stressed than I thought…

So, I threw those in the rubbish, printed off two more templates and got going again.


My ‘whites’ are quite often cream (and one of them is actually light pink which I was sure was white until I’d sewn it in completely to the block so I left it) and I think that makes it harder to see the kaleidoscope effect in the block, sometimes I have to look really hard to find it.


The quilting idea is copied from the quilt that inspired the tutorial at Red Pepper Quilts. I love the way it brings out the block and gives the whole thing texture, plus it was easy and pretty quick to do after all my years of practice with Ottobre top stitching!


The back has a zip across it as I’d not tried one before. The backing, and a lot of the fabric on the front, came from Lynne at Lily’s Quilts, I bought a box of scraps from her as I needed more for my Scrap Vomit quilt (still need more actually) and she very kindly stuffed in some extra fabric for me including about a yard of this lovely Robert Kaufman print.

After finishing this cushion cover I decided to make one I had been contemplating for ages using the Granny Square tutorial.

004The white background fabric is 3 prints from the Les Amis range which I bought a FQ bundle of and have wanted to use for something for ages. The grey is actually darker, it’s an Essex Yarn Dyed Linen which is black and white marl.


I started off quilting this in straight lines after looking at a ton of pictures on Flickr and blogs of these blocks to see what I thought looked best. After 4 rows I decided it looked horrible so I ripped it out and did stippling instead which I think came out ok. Both these cushion covers were pieced, sewn and quilted using Aurifil 50wt white thread, nothing like not having to change the thread from start to finish!


Again, as I’d never tried it before, I did a buttoned back on this cover. I wanted to do 4 buttons but I couldn’t find 4 in my box that worked for this and were the right size so I used the 3 I could find. I sewed the front to the back together using my overlocker as I could just see after a few months of rough treatment the linen fraying and the whole thing coming apart at the side seams.

I have lots more cushions in my head that I’d like to make so maybe I’ll do a few more soon. These did work as stress relief though and I’m looking forward to the pillow forms arriving this week so I can have them on the sofa.


3 thoughts on “Cushions

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of the illnesses in your family. I hope everyone is back on their feet soon.

    I’m really impressed with the exactness of your quilting on your kaleidoscope block – so pretty!

  2. I hope your family members are better now.
    I love the kaleidoscope cushion, such gorgeous colours. The other work is great too.

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