Sewing Patterns – Free to a good home

I have two carrier bags of sewing patterns that need re-homing, I tried to give them away on Freecycle but the person who said they wanted them never arranged collection so I thought I would offer them here before taking them to the charity shop. They are generally women’s patterns and some maternity patterns, although I saw a bag and an apron pattern when I laid these out, all to go as one job lot please!


They are mainly ‘Big 4’, although there are a few Kwik Sew and Burda’s in there too I think. They’re the larger size patterns so tend to start around a 12/14 and all of these have been cut, usually somewhere around an 16/18 (US Sizes). When I cut a pattern the vast majority of the time I will preserve the cutting lines for the smaller sizes so that they can still be used. The patterns range in age and style but are all modern, I’m saving the vintage ones to sell on when I get the time!

If you’d like them give me a shout, the purchaser (UK only I’m afraid due to postage costs and the fact that they have already made one trip from the US to UK) can arrange for a courier company to come and collect them from me so there’s no Paypal back and forth.


3 thoughts on “Sewing Patterns – Free to a good home

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you! Unfortunately I’m not near you, so courier it will be. Email me at sue at gladysb dot co dot uk when it’s all packaged up and I’ll sort out collection. Thank you again!

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