Wow, It Seems to Work…

Before I show you the project I made this morning that I’m very proud of, despite the fact that it’s nowhere near perfect, here is the floor cushion that I made last week using this tutorial.


This is a really fun way to quilt, I’m not great at being random though so I did work out bits of it so that fabrics weren’t too close to each other when I put the blocks together, I wasn’t completely successful but I did ok!


I could have cut the squares more on an angle, if I do this again I’ll try to be braver with that! I’m not usually a purple person, but these prints are ones that I really loved so putting them together in something I will see very day seemed like a good idea. The boys love the ostriches and I love the Liberty Lawn and the Portland circles.


The grey is Bella Solids in Slate which I had lying around and the back is Chicopee Line Dot again as I have tons of it left from my quilt. I made a pieced binding and overlocked the front to the back to try to make it a bit stronger. It’s about 24″ square and I’m awaiting the arrival of the pillow form that I ordered off Ebay.

So, Jim goes away to London on a school trip tomorrow for 2 nights (I am just about managing to keep the panic to a reasonable level but it’s hard…). I ordered him a waterproof case for his iPod that he could wear around his neck so as not to leave it in the Natural History Museum or on the London Eye. Of course, Royal Mail being as shit as they are didn’t manage to get it here on time so I was really worried about what he would do. This morning I did what anyone with a room full of sewing stuff would do, I went in there and figured out how to make him something that would work. I’m really chuffed with this as I figured it out myself and made it and it worked how I thought it would work. Given more time I probably would have re-made it so it was a little more even and neat but this will do for his trip and I can always make another if he needs it (plus he’ll have the waterproof one to take on holiday with us in the summer anyway when it eventually arrives).


As usual Jim picked all the fabric (he approved the linen which was my choice as it’s nice and strong). The case is one piece of linen with firm interfacing ironed on and one layer of print fabric bound together. Then I folded over the edges and flipped up the bottom so it holds the iPod in as so:


I went back and added that elastic to the top as a further way of holding the iPod in the case. above the elastic the sides are sewn down which means that the iPod fits in quite a tight space and is held still. The top sides have velcro on them and the ribbon is sewn on so it doesn’t pull on the velcro any more than it has to.


The two bits I would want to work on are the wobbly sides and the placement of the ribbon strap but I couldn’t figure out how to make them better without taking it completely apart which I didn’t want to do. The screen is partially covered but the bottom button operates through the fabric and the button to take the photo shows above the fabric.

005I sewed a square of zig zag and then cut the fabric out of the middle so that the camera lens has room to take the picture. I meant to fray check it but I forgot and I’m not convinced it will dry before tomorrow morning so I will do it when he brings it back if it needs it.


And it will be work like this, although he will be wearing real clothes rather that his pyjamas around London! I wanted the camera lens to face outward so all he has to do is lift it, snap and then drop it again. We’ve practised putting it in the case and taking it out and we’ll do it one more time before he goes.  As long as he gets the velcro closed nicely and the iPod behind the sides it should be fine. If it isn’t there won’t be much I can do about it from this far away!

I’m not usually someone who can visualise and then create something like this, I tend to rely on tutorials and other people’s measurements but I couldn’t find a case that let you use the camera while the iPod was in it. Of course Jim was really blasé about it as he’s used to me making him stuff and it never occurred to him that I might not be able to figure it out!

Today I’ve also been cutting my next quilt which I’m looking forward to working on, it’s only been a month since I finished the last one but it feels like ages!


3 thoughts on “Wow, It Seems to Work…

  1. Well done – it is so satisfying when you work something out, did you make notes and could you make another? I always think I can and then can’t remember when the time comes! Hope he has a great time, my eldest is away for the first time next week!

  2. Such a pretty floor mat – I love the ostriches. I can never think of what to do with fabric like that and then I see something like this and decide I need some ostrich fabric.

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