Dinosaurs, Babies and Bunnies


Hello! So Piggle turned 6 a week ago and I managed to finish his Triceratops in time. When he got Jim to write out his Birthday list for him they put on knitted dinosaur and I thought Jim had been looking through my knitting basket, but apparently no, Piggle just really wanted one and I was quick enough to make him his favourite dinosaur before he changed to liking another one better! The pattern is from the Patons 3847 booklet using Patons Fab DK. I used the colours recommended by the pattern, although my construction varied from the, once again brief, instructions as I just put it together how it seemed logical to me (which may or may not actually be logical at all).


You can’t really tell from the pictures, but these aren’t teeny tiny toys, the footstool it’s standing on is as wide as half a three seater sofa, so it’s a pretty large dinosaur.


I thought about trying to match the stripes, and then couldn’t be bothered!


The feet are so funny, a real pain to sew together, but they look cute. I don’t find this dinosaur as cute as the Diplodocus, it’s got an odd-shaped head and the ruff is a little wonky, but Piggle loves it and that’s what matters in the end I guess.

So, this week I was supposed to be getting back to the research after having a few weeks off while I was too stressed to work. I managed one day and then came down with a stomach bug that kept me off my feet for the rest of the week… Tuesday I was in bed all day which happens incredibly rarely. On Wednesday I had to sit on the sofa as my back was protesting at having been laying down so long so I pulled out the Beyond Puerperium cardigan for my nephew and by Friday it was all done and ready to go in the post tomorrow.


This is the 6-9 month size using Patons Simply Recycled Aran in Indigo that I bought from Kemps. It uses 2.5 balls for this size which makes it quite reasonable and a nice quick knit. I remembered to swap to larger needles when I knit the sleeves in the round to allow for the difference in my gauge. It does look better but it’s still a lot neater than the back and forth where you can see which rows were purl rows. I never used to do this when I knit so I’m not sure why it’s happening now, but as there’s not much I can do about it I will live with it, plus it tends to even out with a good wash.


I’ve had these buttons in my button box forever so it was nice to use some of them up, I probably have about the same amount left. I hope this fits as it looks quite small to me, but then I’ve not had a 6 month old baby in 5.5 years so I really can’t remember how big they are at that age…

Whilst waiting for some fabric to arrive to finish off another quilt top I started working on the sewing machine cover I’ve wanted to make for ages. I finally figured out which fabric to use which, along with not having enough hours in the day, was what was holding me back. When I bought the Ric Rac Rabbits for Piggle’s quilt I picked up some of the other colourway for myself. Also in my stash was the panel print in the darker colourway which was sent to me by mistake so I decided to use that for the lining.

The tutorial for this can be found here and it’s a pretty good one, you measure your machine so it comes out the right size. When you print the PDF it says the 3rd page isn’t available, but as far as I can tell you don’t actually need a 3rd page anyway.


Because I can’t just do things the easy way I decided to make the cover patchwork and to use half square triangles which I just randomly made without having a plan as to what I was going to do with them or if I’d have enough. What’s funny when I look at the pictures is that the layout looks totally different from what I see when I look at it myself.  You can’t really see the windmills, it just all looks a bit odd. I like how it looks in person though, obviously my eyes and the camera lens pick up different things to focus on. (just discovered the live control thing that focusses the camera on faces had somehow been turned back on so that explains the slightly odd and out of focus pictures, sorry about that…) The row of bunnies up the right side are because I ran out of the ric rac print so I couldn’t make any more HST’s using it. I think it looks ok anyway so I’m happy with it.


The lining is the panel print and the binding for the whole thing (which is the only bit I did differently from the tutorial as that doesn’t use binding) is the ‘sew’ print to link it in with the overlocker cover a tiny bit.


I have been puzzling since I first found the tutorial as to why you would need pockets on it, what exactly do you keep in a cover that you take off and throw to one side while you sew? I love the bigger bunnies from the panel print though so I stuck some of them on one end for a pocket and used some of the leftover patchwork for a smaller pocket on the other end.

The ends of the cover are just interfaced with stiff iron on interfacing and the middle piece is quilted with some batting. I thought the interfacing would maybe hold the shape of the cover, plus I didn’t want to quilt on the print as I didn’t have any coordinating thread at all and I adore the print without embellishment so I left it alone.

Here it is on my sewing table where it will live whenever I’m not using my machine (and, of course, if I remember to put it on…).


I’m really happy with how all these projects came out. Next up is a Bee block for the Siblings Together Bee, I didn’t do the first month’s block due to the illness/stress issues as I didn’t want to mess up someone else’s fabric! This month is a wonky log cabin block which I’ve never done before so I’m looking forward to giving that a go. After that it’s onto the quilting part of the quilt I pin basted this morning.  There may also be some finished socks sometime soon, my life is far too exciting…


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