Sewing for a Kindle


First up, this is the block for this month’s Siblings Together Sewing Bee (all the patterned fabric has been donated by Moda). I just found out that I should have finished it on a solid round rather than a patterned one but as I posted it back this morning and didn’t have any more solid fabric to use there’s not much I can do about it now! There is a button on the right sidebar if you want to know more about this charity and the Bee, my month is February so I’m sure to post a lot more about it around that time as well as the blocks I make through the rest of the year!

So, after looking and pondering and looking and pondering for probably about six months now I finally gave in and bought a Kindle Fire HD. When I was ill I read three Kindle books on my laptop and I liked the ease of downloading what I wanted right away but not having to lug my laptop all over in order to read.

I am also hoping that in the long run the Kindle will work out to be more environmentally friendly than my previous book buying habits. I buy quite a lot of books, usually they are 1p plus postage from Amazon and second-hand. However, even though it’s recycling to buy a second-hand book there’s still the energy used having it delivered to me. I also don’t keep many books after I’ve read them, I donate them to charity shops or to the library (they have no budget to buy books so the only new stuff they  get is through donations or selling donated books not good enough for the shelves). I will still be buying real books, but if it’s cheaper to get them on the Kindle I will do it that way instead.

I knew I was close to buying the Kindle when I started looking at sleeves and cases to make for them. In the end I bought a pattern as it was the neatest I saw. It’s this one and I have to say it’s a lovely pattern, very easy and fast, we’re talking not much more than an hour start to completing it, and the finish on it is lovely.

I know using the Type fabric is following the herd for this kind of thing but I love it and wanted to use it for something that I would have around a lot.


The pattern has you reverse the front pocket so that the lining fabric is on the outside, I decided not to, especially after I went to a bit of effort to get the Qwerty lined up on the binding!


The button is an old wooden one I had in my button box. I am so pleased with this case that I’m trying to think of other things I can use the pattern for! I’m going to make one the size of the front pocket for the SatNav I think, maybe full size once I’ve checked whether the windscreen attachment thingy will fit!

The other thing I liked about reading a book on a screen was that I could knit at the same time, you can’t hold open or balance a paperback very well I’ve found. The baby cardigan was all made whilst reading and I wanted that option with the Kindle. I also want to use it in my sewing room for tutorials rather than printing everything out all the time and still having to come down to take a look at the picture on the computer screen when it’s not clear enough in the printed version (or when it refers to coloured lines as my printer is black ink only!). So I Googled about a bit and came across a stand tutorial here which looks as so when done.


I used some of the grey Grunge I had left over from a quilt back, I wanted something plain that wouldn’t take my attention away from the screen or hurt my eyes (and also wouldn’t show dust!). I stuffed it with the same stuffing I used for the dinosaurs and the front has a pencil in it, I stole one of Piggle’s large triangular Peppa Pig pencils, don’t tell him! It also has a plastic bag with about 3/4 cup of mung beans in it for some weight.

The stand also lets you turn the screen sideways if you wanted to watch a video or something on it.


It’s not the most stable thing in the world or the prettiest of sewing jobs but it works for what it’s intended for and I didn’t have to buy anything (bar the Kindle!) for it!

So there you are, a fully kitted out Kindle. Now if I can ever pry it out of the boys’ hands to actually have a go with it that would be lovely…


One thought on “Sewing for a Kindle

  1. Margaret Chacos says:

    I love my kindle fire! I use it more than my laptop.(using it right now) As always I enjoy seeing all your projects.

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