Summer Goals


The boys finish school in about 20 minutes for the summer (well 5 now, 20 when I started writing this!). Things are a bit up in the air whether they’ll return to the same school next year for a bit or whether they’ll start at a new one, I desperately want to move but finding a house is difficult, especially as we want to move about 2 hours from here so popping over to view things unless they sound perfect isn’t on the cards.

Usually I don’t do University work during the summer, but the family illness and stresses that came with it means that I am behind and will have to fit in reading and some writing somehow too.  The actual date my next draft is due is the end of September so I have time to finish off the writing after the boys go back to school, but I have about 4 weeks of reading to catch up on, not quite sure yet how I’m going to manage that!

My next quilt is ready to be cut out as soon as I am ready to do it. I also need to make Jim a pair of shorts before we go on holiday as once the warm weather arrived I realised he only has 2 pairs that fit him!

I have quite a few knitting projects I’d like to see the back of, the shawl, an almost finished pair of socks, Jim’s Harry Potter jumper which is stalled halfway through the initial on the front so hopefully those will get done.

I also want to catch up on my cross stitch, I’ve not worked on my sampler in over 2 months now, maybe 3, so I need to catch up. I also just bought the pattern for a Miss Maggie Rabbit (although mine will be Mr) and some clothes to make for it plus some recycled plastic felt so that’s something else I’d like to get done if I can.

So, lots on the cards as per usual and less time to get it done than I would normally have. But roll on summer, despite the arguing, talking back and occasional tantrums from all 3 of us I love having the boys at home and hopefully there will be lots of good times to be had!


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