Big Numbers

For some reason July has been a bumper month for getting some good yardage used up and to get ahead in my used to bought ratio!

I started off with the sewing machine cover, then the bits for the Kindle and the Sat Nav pouch. After that was the This and That Quilt followed by something I’ve been meaning to do for ages.


Those are 16 dresses for the Dress a Girl charity. I still have fabric out for about 5 or 6 more of them and then I have a stack of fabric pulled out to make shorts for the boys. It felt really good to use up fabric that has been sitting there for too long, I’ve had that pink linen for going on 8 years now. I also had quite a few 1 yard cuts of fabric that had been passed on when people I know online cleared out their stashes plus fabric like the butterfly one that I love but is perhaps a teeny bit too young for me (maybe). I also got to use up a load of appliqués that have been sitting in my sewing room for far too long plus bias binding that I can’t remember where or when I got it! I used my bias binding makers for the first time too with these too and they were really easy. I made various lengths of dresses, just adding and taking away length and also various styles just to keep it interesting for myself. I’ll get back to these soon but I’m really glad to have finally made a start!

I realised that Piggle didn’t own a purse and as we’re going on a short holiday this summer and he has money to take with him he needed something to store it in. Enter another Noodlehead tutorial and yet more of the bunny fabric (Piggle loves those bunnies!). This took about half an hour, seriously fast! I did interface the outer pieces just to give them a little stiffness and I should have sewed a bit further way from the zip as the lining gets caught every now and again (I don’t have a close enough thread to top-stitch it) but besides that we’re both really happy with it.


I also got onto making Jim some shorts, as I said before he only had 2 pairs that fit him still. These are an Ottobre pattern, I’ve not done one for ages and as I’ve run out of Swedish tracing fabric (and it seems to have doubled in price since last time I bought some, probably due to its sudden popularity) I had to trace onto baking paper. The pattern is #32 from the Summer 2005 issue. I actually stopped buying Ottobre quite a few years back now. It’s lovely if you have girls and the variety of patterns is great, but for boys after you’ve done a few years it all just starts to repeat itself, and how many ways are there really to make a t-shirt or a pair of shorts?

I compared the sizing to the pyjamas I made Jim this year and discovered that he is now a 140cm which is unbelievable to me, it only seems a few weeks ago he was in the 90s in these patterns! They came out a bit too big and half way down his shins so he’ll at least get a few years wear out of them!


The fabric is PRR corded cotton, I really don’t remember what colour I dyed it or why I dyed it. I actually forgot to ask Jim if he liked it before I used it, but luckily he does! I left off the overly complicated back pockets and also the long tabs that you’re supposed to use to give the option to roll them up. I also did put any belt loops on or make a false fly. I do understand that sometimes it’s nice to have those features on clothes but I really don’t think it’s worth the effort when they’re never going to wear a belt with them and they wear t-shirts that cover the fly area anyway. I also ignored the ‘all seams are double top stitched’ instruction and just used a single row, I didn’t feel like changing back and forth to the twin needle!

Jim really likes them and I am happy with the way they came out. I am planning on making him a very simple knit pair of shorts too and then that should be enough to get through the rest of this summer I should think. Piggle has about 6 pairs of shorts, a lot of them Ottobre patterns that I made for Jim when he was Piggle’s size, I really should use the magazines more or start parting with them as they take up a lot of room.

So, that is the sewing for July, I might get those knit shorts done today, we’ll see. In total though I have sewn 26 1/4 y/m this month, plus I put about 3 y/m in the bag to go to the school (a piece of polycotton I don’t know why I bought and a piece of blue fabric that leaked dye terribly last time I used it). It gives me a nice lead on the fabric bought and if I can get going on the rest of those dresses and the shorts then I can hopefully clear out a bit more!


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