A Little Knitting

I finally finished up the socks I mentioned that I wanted to get done. I really enjoyed making these so it’s that eternal unknown as to why I ditched them halfway through the second sock and had to force myself to get working on them again.


I saw the pattern for these on the Hello Porkchop blog and cast on right away with some Yarntopia Treasures bamboo cotton in Brandywine. The pattern is Harvest Dew.  It’s funny that in my fabric stash you won’t find a lot of purple but I do seem to want to use it when I knit, not sure why that is, maybe more colour therapy! Anyway, these are done finally and they are very comfortable.

I also finished off this baby cardigan for my nephew. My Mother did the knitting, I just knit the button band and collar and then seamed it and sewed in millions of ends, stripes and baby jumpers are not a good combination!


My sister said she liked the buttons on the cardigan I knit for the nephew and as I still have loads of them I used a few more up on this!

I cast on for the Bergen Street Cardigan again for me for some easy no brainer knitting. I cast on for it once before and knit most of the ribbing before realising that I had used the wrong size needles, very irritating considering the body is knit in one piece! I’m using a combination of grey and a pretty blue which I’d not knit with before so I’m excited to see how it turns out.  It’s been ages since I’ve knit stripes, I’d forgotten how you push on to try and get to the next colour as fast as you can!

I’ve not many any progress on the other knitting that I mentioned I wanted to finish and I looked at my cross stitch for all of 10 minutes the other day, so still lots to do, I’ll get there one day!


2 thoughts on “A Little Knitting

  1. Liz M says:

    Love the socks – I’ve just finished a pair and now have an empty pair of needles so they might be my next socks 🙂

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