August is Exhausting…

We’ve been having a good summer. Lots of lazing about reading and watching films, my kids are very big on pyjama days and not bothering to get dressed.

We went away for a week and stayed in a caravan in Berwick-upon-Tweed. It was a bit like holiday triathlon for me, it was the first time I’ve taken the boys away on my own and we were swimming, walking tons and watching Piggle dance at the kids disco in the evening. We spent a lovely day in Edinburgh and bought a tartan owl pillow to keep the flowery one from last summer’s holiday company on the sofa. It literally took me a week when we got home to get over it!

As usual I had a long list of things I wanted to get done and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. I did read a ton of books at the start of the summer and I’ve done a lot of tidying and clearing out in the hopes that when we do find a place to move to it will be easier and we will have less crap to take with us. I still have a room to finish and dvds to put into a storage case so we can get rid of the dvd towers but it’s coming along and huge amounts of stuff has moved from here to the dump, rubbish or charity shop.

Where crafting is concerned I’ve not actually got that much done. I did finish the pretty dull but useful pair of shorts for Jim in time for him to take them with us on holiday (although I don’t think he actually wore them while we were away).


I used the Kwik Sew 1557 pyjama pattern and just shortened them to the length I wanted. The fabric is like french terry, I think I got it from Fabric Land in Brighton. It’s a really nice fabric and I have a nice sized bit left to use for something else.


Before we went away I made this case to put my MP3 player in. It actually came out not quite big enough (I had to take the protective rubber case off the MP3 player to fit it in) and it’s not at all the style that I was aiming for but it works and I love the owls. Of course after rushing the night before we went away to get this done I didn’t use the player at all on the holiday….

I had a hard time with this month’s Siblings Together Bee block, it did not want to go together nicely for me and the back is a hot mess but it looks ok in the picture and hopefully will work in the quilt. It’s one of those blocks that if I’d made it for myself I’d stick it in a bottom corner of my quilt where I wouldn’t see it too often!


The thing with Bee blocks is that you only make one of them so you don’t have time to get better at it unless you make a practice block first. It’s a good test of my quilting skills though and it’s interesting to try new blocks without committing to a whole quilt or covering my sofa in even more cushions!

And I finally finished off a cross stitch that I’ve been working on forever. I literally only had half the beard to do so it was silly how long it sat there waiting!


Can’t beat a good Jayne quote! The pattern was from Etsy and I used linen that I had left over. Now I have to find a frame to fit it and figure out how to frame it. I’ve started working on my Woodland Sampler again, I’m way way WAY behind but hopefully with some concerted effort I will catch up.

Besides these bits I have finished the blocks for a quilt top and now can move onto sashing them.  I also started another shawl project, finished most of a cardigan (it just needs the front band) and have watched an awful lot of The West Wing. That’s summer for you, you never get done what you think you will!

PS If you’re interested in vegan food I’ve started blogging again at my other blog which is called Vegan Food For Thought, drop by and see what we’ve been eating!


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