September Was Hard

So, I for one am glad that September is over. Due to having fallen behind in my PhD work and being determined that I would not once again have to go to my Supervisor with excuses (even if they were somewhat legitimate) about why I couldn’t keep to the timetable that I had only agreed a few months back, I put in some serious working hours from when the boys went back to school until Monday when I finally emailed off the 55 page draft and was officially back on track. I have spent most of my time in front of a computer and therefore didn’t really get all that much done anywhere else besides essentials (anyone want to come and clean my house for me?) but I do have some pictures of finished stuff so let’s get up to date with the FOs as well!


This was the September Siblings Together Bee block. Nice and simple this one and made even easier by the fact that the lady in charge this month had cut all the strips the right width so all the rest of us had to do was cut them to the right length!


The weather turned and it suddenly became time for winter pjs again. The fabric for the bottoms of these isn’t the same but it’s pretty much the same shade so I went with it. Jim said to me the other day for the first time that he’s not sure he wants matching pjs with his brother again so these might be the last. They were made using Kwik Sew Sewing for Children and 1556 and 1557 all cobbled together with extra length added here and there as needed. The bottoms are sort of velour for one pair and a sort of terry for the other and the tops are PRR jersey.


Jim can still wear a couple of pairs of his pjs from last winter so there’s no rush to get to the other pair I’m making him, but Piggle grew out of everything so these got moved to the top of the pile! They’re Kwik Sew 1556 as usual and I added an inch in length to the body and sleeves of the shirt as he needs it. I love this flannel fabric print and he looks ever so cute in them. I am actually at the end of my flannel stash, amazingly, so I will have to start stocking up, summer is usually a good time to find good deals though so I’ll wait!

008 009 010 011

Whilst sitting and reading I often find there are bits I don’t need to take notes on and, as I don’t sit still well and have a short attention span, I try to have a plain bit of knitting to work on that I can put down in my lap and pick up again easily. This pattern is incredibly simple, it’s called the Holey Square Shawl and between the holes there are about 12 plain rows to knit on just over 200 stitches. My shawl isn’t square as I had 840y of this bamboo cotton laceweight from Yarntopia Treasures so I just kept weighing the ball and knitting until I’d used it all up. The colourway is Sunset and I love the shades of it. As you can see from the pictures you can wear it a few ways too which is nice. I didn’t do the suggested crochet around the outside because I wanted it to stay as stretchy as possible.

So, that’s it really. I cast on for another 2 simple projects to do whilst reading, some socks and another plainish shawl and pulled out yarn for a few other projects. Near the end of September I was feeling the lack of making in a big way and have planned more projects than I can possibly finish anytime soon!  I also finished some log cabin blocks that I finally have a ruler big enough to trim so I can get on and finish that quilt top soon too (the backing fabric is in the post from America so I may have a finished quilt in the near future!).  Besides that I’ve not done all that much making. Hopefully things will get back to a more even keel now though and I can have some time in the evenings to sit and knit in front of the tv. Looking to beside me on my desk there is also a cardigan that is almost done bar the button band which I’m about 2/3 of the way through and have started to sew on, so maybe that will be done soon too, we’ll see!


2 thoughts on “September Was Hard

  1. Well done on getting that draft in – I can’t imagine how you do it! Everything else you did in the month is a bonus! Hoping that you’ll find my stqb block easy too!

  2. I am so impressed that you got caught up on your PhD. It is so hard to focus on study when you have a real life too! And I DO like that holey shawl 🙂

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