No Lagging…

I really don’t mean to leave it so long between posts, I keep trying to sit down and update and share what I’ve been doing but for one reason or another I don’t seem to make it. I also feel like I’ve been working on tons of things, and I have been, but I don’t have many finished things to show, especially with my sewing where it’s been quilt tops but no completed quilts!

Anyway, here’s the finished things I do have pictures of!

020October’s Siblings Together Bee block. A fun paper pieced block that I really enjoyed making. I want to do a block like this for a cushion using some of my scraps, it’s been added to my really long to do list! My quilt will be in February and I’m already starting to worry about what block to use for it. I can’t really decide until I have the fabric and can see the scale of it but I’m keeping an eye open for ideas!

I’ve apparently not shown the August block from this sampler so here it is along with the September one.



I finished the September one last night and started the frame for the October block of the Woodland Sampler. I would like to finish it on time if I can! I’ve now bought all the seasonal sampler patterns too so I can have them as a set and I’m looking forward to starting one as soon as I have bought some more linen so they all match.


This is the Bergen Street Cardigan which I started for the first time way back in July but messed up by using the wrong size needles so I had to start over. It was a really easy knit and fun to do some stripes. I used Kon-Tiki from Kemps and the buttons I bought while we were on holiday this summer.


The back has some really interesting shaping which makes it more fun to knit than the standard raglan decreases used for most one piece garments. There was the option to do some colourwork on these decreases but I decided against it and stuck with the stripes.


Sorry about the flash but, of course, when I got around to taking the pictures after the cardigan had been on the dressform for weeks it was a dark day!

So, knitting wise I am working on Jim’s Harry Potter jumper, just have the neck and one sleeve to do for that. A cardigan for Piggle that my Mother started, she knit the back and I’ve done 3/4 of one front. Some socks which I’ve just turned the heel of the first one on. A shawl which is being knit in lovely tencel and a cardigan that I couldn’t resist casting on for as soon as the yarn arrived. I’m not sure if my annual urge to tidy up has arrived earlier than usual or if it’s right on time but looking at my Ravelry queue there are at least 4 things I would like off the needles by the end of the year, especially the Nori shawl which is really pretty but incredibly dull to knit.

In the sewing room I have finished the top and pin basted a huge flannel log cabin quilt, so large that we had to remove the table and chairs from my parent’s kitchen before I could lay it out in there to baste it! I’ve also been working on my Scrap Vomit quilt, I’ve done almost all the A blocks for it and thought I was almost done with the B blocks when I discovered that actually there are 10 more to go and I am short on fabric. I ordered some yesterday so hopefully it arrives in a timely manner and I can get that top out of the way. I don’t have any backing fabric for it or any batting so it won’t be finished finished but hopefully I can find something either at the Knitting and Stitching Show or in the Thanksgiving or Christmas online sales. Talking of Christmas I am waiting for the last 2 bits of fabric to arrive for a Christmas quilt that I need to get going on if I want it on the sofa for the start of December! I’m very excited about it as I love the fabric and it’s going to involve some new techniques for me so I need to clear the decks before that arrives so I can get right on it.

So, busy busy busy here as per usual, next week if half term so I’m hoping to fit in a bit of everything and maybe finish off a few more things, hopefully this cold I am suffering from won’t get any worse, I guess if it does at least I can sit and knit!


3 thoughts on “No Lagging…

  1. So many lovely projects! I love seeing your samplers grow month by month. I wonder if I have the stamina for a regular cross-stitching commitment like that? I’ll admire yours while I think about it!

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