That is a rather large pile of sock yarn. I’ve said seventy billion times on this blog how much I adore Yarntopia Treasures yarn. Tammy does some wonderful hand dyed colourways and has been stocking my stash for many years now. Vegan sock yarn is hard to find, add to that wanting a wide range of colourways and reasonable prices and it’s a bit unicornish in nature. I received my first skein of Tammy’s yarn in a swap and began buying more and more whenever I could afford it. Hers is the only yarn I buy without having a plan for it as it’s mainly sock or shawl yarn and it’s so much fun to paw through the drawers I keep it in to decide which colourway I want to use next.

Anyway, recently when I custom ordered some yarn from Tammy for a shawl (it’s beautiful, of course!) we got to talking about sock yarn and that my favourite yarn wasn’t in stock as much any more. Tammy said it wasn’t selling as well as it had done (maybe everyone has stashed lots of it like me) but that if I really wanted some I could order in bulk and she’d dye it whatever colourways I picked from her pretty extensive range (she’ll do that for you anyway if she has the blank yarn in stash). I had some treat money available so I ordered and yesterday I received a lovely envelope stuffed with 12 lots of sock yarn.

At the rate I’m knitting socks at the moment that’s about 3 years worth, thus the title of the blog post. However, there are a couple more colourways she’s just put in her shop that I don’t have and I’m seriously tempted, someone buy them fast so I can’t!


Thanks to a horrible head cold that will not go away I am now up to date with the Woodland Sampler. There are several mistakes in this but it looks ok and unless you were comparing it to the pattern or a perfect version you’d not know that things aren’t quite where they should to be!

My ‘finish it up dammit’ feeling seems to be spreading as I have been working on my Hexy MF flowers that I’ve not touched in forever. In the last few days I’ve done about 15 of them. Of course, they have to be attached together after they’re sewn, but it’s progress and that’s always good!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my ball winder and swift, we may be some time…


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