So, What Do I Get Out Of This Then?

Sometimes a great feeling of accomplishment, pride, superiority over those who don’t do it and being healthy are enough to motivate me to keep running. Other times I need to blatantly bribe myself by promising that I will buy things I covet when I accomplish something specific.

When I finish the Couch to 5k I will be making a purchase from Oiselle. Yes, I just posted about how to save money on running gear and now I’m posting about a quite expensive t-shirt, but I keep seeing it on different runners online and I just love the look of this long sleeve Flyte t-shirt.

flyte-ls-bright-pink-f_3(picture from their website)

I want the grey version as I’m not into the pink. I am hoping that they have another sale or do free shipping again around the time I will be purchasing so I can at least save a little bit, I will probably wait a few weeks if I need to in case I can get a good deal as I’m cheap like that! I’ve given myself a $100 promise for their store which is about £60 odd, less than a tenner a week for the running I’ve done which means it’s not a hugely expensive reward. I’ve not decided what I will spend the rest of my reward money on as this shirt only makes up just over half of it, depends on whether there’s a sale and what I feel like on the day I guess!

I know what my next challenge after C25K will be, I’ll write about that some other time. I don’t have a reward in mind for it yet, and it will actually cost me to attempt it as it’s running on a road and my shoes are for trails. Maybe I will just do it for the emotional reward, or most likely something bright and shiny will show up and I will use it as the carrot to keep myself going!


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