Change of Plan!

So, I’m going to have to change the runs on this week’s plan as today’s did not work out at all! I will be repeating the run I was supposed to do today, week 6 day 2 on Wednesday and then on Friday I will do week 6 day 3.

I did remember to try the new route into the woods, however it turned out to be a complete farce and I was lucky not to hurt myself, let alone to come out of it laughing. It started when I realised that I had been running uphill for a whole song, I looked up and saw that the path actually got steeper for a bit and then kept going up and without thinking it my legs just stopped running. I actually stood there confused for a few seconds as I honestly hadn’t intended to stop!

I walked for a little bit and then did walking/running as the path became quite overgrown and very uneven.  Then I went around a corner and was faced with a really steep downhill, not at all runable and actually quite scary as it was covered with wet leaves and pine needles.

IMG-20131111-00086It doesn’t look as steep in the picture as it actually was.

Anyway, the bit after that I couldn’t run as it was too muddy and uneven so I just did a quick walk. I finally entered the woods proper only to be faced with huge muddy areas and at one point the trail had washed away completely.

IMG-20131111-00087Really hard to photograph it but that hole is about 6 foot deep. I didn’t use that odd log bridge, I went up the gully a little bit and crossed there instead.

I ran when it seemed safe enough but had to stop repeatedly for the mud and the steep hilly bits covered in wet leaves. Just before the end of the first run I actually turned off the podcast and put on my running playlist instead as I realised there was no way I was going to complete either of the 10 minute runs today.

At the end of the path I normally run back and forth on there is a faster route back to my house, I don’t often take it because it means going up this hill.

IMG-20131111-00088However, as I’d been out of the house about 45 minutes by that point and my legs weren’t feeling it anyway I walked the hill and then ran home from there (it’s not as far as a Doors song from the top of the hill to my front door from where this picture was taken!).

It was a really bad decision to try and run this route and I should have thought about it more. We had some really bad flooding here a few months back that washed out almost all the bridges along the river that goes through the woods and there are still several paths that are shut as they’re impassable. I knew that washed away bit was there, but last time I crossed it it was just a small jump, it should have occurred to me that it would have been worse now. Also, it rained last night so I should have thought about damp leaves and mud. You know the muddy puddles are bad when you’re walking through them and your knee-length trousers get splashed.

IMG-20131111-00089Hello new socks, welcome to the mud!

So, I’ll go back to the old route and complete the run I was supposed to do on Wednesday, hopefully my shoes will be dry by then!


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