Slowly Slowly

I feel like I’m working away at things whenever I get the chance but that I’m not getting all that many chances! Anyway, I do have a few bits to share with you.

First up is Jim’s Weasley Sweater that I had on the needles forever. I really don’t enjoy knitting with more than one colour and I’m really not very good at it. I know if I tried it more I would improve, but the whole tangling balls of yarn just really pisses me off and no matter how I try to get the tension right and twist things in the right place it just all feels horribly messy and uneven.

003Jim, however, loves this sweater and has worn it as often as he can since I made it, which is good as it’s taken so long that he’ll probably grow out of it within a year! The yarn is SMC Northern that I got from Kemps on clearance, it comes in massive balls and I used just over 1 for this along with some Boyes Aran. The pattern is the free one that’s been around forever and a day, I did the Canadian Living version as it matched the gauge of this aran yarn.

For some reason I got a bee in my bonnet about having the Scrap Vomit quilt top squares all over the place and decided that I needed to get the top done. I worked on it and worked on it and had to buy more scraps as I didn’t have enough variety to finish it. I finally got it done and now it will just sit there waiting until I can afford the batting and 6 yards of backing fabric it requires…


It’s a really odd length, I almost feel like it’s a row too long but I will leave it as I did it. I am really happy with the mix of colours and the Kona Cerise which is such an obnoxious but pretty colour.


As this quilt top is so blinding I am hoping that no one will notice that many of the rows aren’t actually squares any more. My early blocks all came out too small and once I figured out what I was doing wrong I was unable to do it wrong even on purpose so my later blocks had to be trimmed back about half an inch all around. It seems that instead of using the 1/4″ foot as a guide I was pushing the fabric up against it. That doesn’t matter too much in a block without many seams, but in blocks like this where there are tons of them you end up with a block that’s about half an inch smaller than it should be… Hopefully now I have stopped doing that my blocks should be better, we’ll see.

After getting the quilt top done I knocked out the last pair of winter pjs this year which were for Jim.


I adore this fabric and it is so soft, inside and out. He’s very happy with them and they’re in high rotation. They’re the usual Kwik Sew 1557 in size 10 and the only change I made was to straighten the legs of the trousers as Jim is perfectly this size at the moment. This was the first fabric I’d ever seen with arrows on the selvage showing you which way up it went, useful!

And last up for this post is this month’s Siblings Together Bee block.


This was another really simple block made even easier as 80% of the cutting had already been done by the lady in charge. I only had to rip out one seam which isn’t too bad!

Next up on the sewing table is my Christmas quilt which I cut out over the weekend and then realised that I had hardly any white thread to sew it with. I am waiting for a delivery of Aurifil and then I will get sewing on it as I’d like to get it done by the start of December so it can live on the sofa, must remember to order some batting for it too!

I feel a bit scattered with these blog posts, maybe because my crafting is so scattered feeling. Maybe I’m working on too many things or maybe the change in the weather to really cold quite suddenly has slowed me down but I don’t feel like I’m getting much done, nowhere near what I’d like to. My sewing to do list is huge and my knitting projects are all over the living room. I must power on and get things done before it all becomes stressful and annoying rather than fun which is never good!


2 thoughts on “Slowly Slowly

  1. Oh wow – I love the colours in your scrap quilt. the cerise and black really hold it all together and add drama 🙂
    Arrows on the selvedge? What a great idea!
    And well done on the Hogwartian sweater – I don’t like intarsia knitting as I always end up with holes at the edges of the colour changes.

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