A Ridiculous Run

So, I got myself all wrapped up for a run this lunchtime, I added a running vest under my usual long sleeve top and wind breaker plus some nice thick new running tights and ear warmer headband and some gloves. I’m sure I looked a right sight, especially when I added the rather obnoxious Mizuno’s to the ensemble.

I have been feeling a little bored of the woods, not the woods in general but the fact that running for 25 minutes means I run the path 5 times. With all the really steep hills and washed out bridges there isn’t really anywhere else for someone at my level of running fitness to go so I figured I’d give THE HILL another go as I’d walk up a lot of it during the 5 minute warm up.

So, off I trogged. I noticed after a few minutes of going uphill that my calves were really sore, I decided to walk for an extra minute to give them a chance to calm down and so I could get the really steep bit of the hill behind me. At that point my MP3 player decided to do its dickhead move of randomly switching tracks rather than pausing when I hit the button so I had to stop and find the podcast again, after which it decided to fall out of its case and slide down around my elbow inside my jacket.

I carried on, feeling rather peeved, but determined to get up the hill. I started running, well, actually I started shuffle running but it’s a hill and I had 25 minutes of running to do so I really didn’t want to kill myself in the first 5.

After about 20 steps I realised that my running tights were beginning to make a fast descent towards my ankles…

When I’d put the tights on I had wondered why Asda hadn’t put a drawstring in them like my other tights have. I’d also wondered why the elastic didn’t seem to actually pull the top of the tights in at all, it’s the same size as the fabric. I figured it would be ok though, my other pair of running trousers from Asda stay up fine and are comfortable. This pair, however, will not stay up for love nor money. Even when I gave up running and started walking I was fighting with them. The theory that they would only fall down so far and then find a place they stuck at was also quickly disproved. It is pretty impossible to run when you feel like you have a nappy on and you’re pulling up your pants every few steps.  Add to this that I tuck my shirt into my trousers to stop it riding up under the jacket. Without the trousers holding them down my shirts both rode up to under my boobs meaning that under the wind breaker I was basically naked from under the bust to the hips, not quite right for the weather.

I was incredibly pissed off, I was frustrated pissed off which is the one that makes you want to throw things and where you shout out loud and do that half scream thing. I  realised I would have to give up, so I turned around and began to walk home.

At which point I got the worst shin splints I have ever had…

I don’t know if it was the new shoes, the hill or running on a road, perhaps all 3 combined, but I could hardly lift my feet, the shin splints were so bad that it was making my feet numb. I do get shin splints to varying degrees of pain, normally I just run them off but I couldn’t do that so I had to stumble down the steep hill, yanking my pants up every few steps and trying not to trip as my feet kept dragging the ground.

As I was swearing my way home I decided that I wasn’t just going to go inside and be annoyed for the rest of the day, I was going to do SOMETHING god dammit. So, upon getting home I changed into some non-falling-down running trousers, tightened my shoes to see if that would stop them from rubbing (it did) and went back outside.  The shin splints had faded during the walk luckily, I wish I knew how to stop them from coming on, I’m using the foam roller on them every day, but at least it’s good that they go away.

I had made a deal with myself that I would run the first gentle rise to the base of the hill three times.

009I went from outside my house to just around the corner in the distance in the picture. I don’t know if it’s steep enough to be called ‘hill work’ but it made my ass ache so I was definitely doing something. I tried to convince myself to do a fourth go but my right foot was hurting, I don’t know if it’s the new shoes or just my foot as it hurts in my other shoes too, it just seems to be annoyed that I’m running on it. Anyway, I had done what I’d agreed with myself and managed to salvage something from the run, although in reality it was probably only about 600m and 9 minutes that I ran, better than nothing.

I will repeat the run I was supposed to do which means it’ll take me a few days longer to finish Couch to 5k, but as it’s taken me 9 weeks to get to week 7 it really doesn’t matter. I need to find a new route though before I get too bored. I could drive somewhere but the more time these runs take the more I lose from my PhD work time. I can’t just run the same path back and forth and back and forth though so I need to figure it out soon…


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