30 Minutes!

On Friday I ran for 30 minutes, without a loo break or stopping to tie my shoe laces, plus I have a cold but I still finished laughing. When I thought back to the first two weeks of Couch to 5K when I thought I was going to die running for one minute or two minutes and I was using every bit of motivation I could think of to keep going, I was totally amazed to be there, pushing hard up a hill and not actually stopping until a few seconds after Laura said I could as I wanted to finish at the same spot I started at. Two more repeats of that run and I will officially be done with Couch to 5K, but I’ve already started to think about what comes next.

I’ve been trying to find a house in Northumberland since the summer but haven’t had any luck yet. My sons and I all love the area and we’ve been there on holiday two years in a row now. Last year we visited Cragside and this year we drove by reminiscing about how we’d liked it. So, I’ve decided that the first race I will do will be the Cragside 10K in April. There is actually a series of 10Ks around Northumberland so I might decide to do more once I see what this one is like!

I’ve been trying to find a training plan for a 10K online and it’s not proving easy. They seem to either be for complete beginners, Intermediates who can already run  four plus miles, want you to run five times a week or not get you to actually run 10K before the day. What I’m looking for is something that covers 10-12 weeks with 4 runs a week plus some cross training advice for non-running days. Some different running workouts besides just timed or distance runs would be nice too.  I will keep looking but I’m thinking I might have to put together my own based on a few different ones and hope that it works, even though I have no real idea of what I’m doing…

Anyway, as I have reached the end of C25K it was time for the reward! I saw that Oiselle had a sale on so I went to the website with the full intention of ordering things. However, once I added it all up and realised that on top of $24 shipping I would have to pay customs on an order that would already set me back £120 for just three things I decided that it just wasn’t worth it and looked elsewhere.

My New Balance shirt that I got from Ebay is a favourite so I looked at their website and discovered some great bargains. I ordered two long sleeve t-shirts, a hooded sweatshirt, a short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of shorts for a lot less than the planned Oiselle order plus I saved £36 so I was really pleased and I will definitely keep checking their website to see what else they put on sale. My favourite item is the hoodie which is in an amazing shocking peachy/pink colour with lime green (the pink is called Diva Pink!)

wrt3115dvp_nb_60_iIt’s really comfortable and a slightly thicker layer, I wore it for the 30 minute run (yes, I ordered my reward early as I was worried things would go out of stock or be put back to full price!) with a long sleeve shirt under it and a windbreaker over it and it was the perfect combination for zero degree weather. It has the perfect pocket, on the right back at waist level big enough for my phone and house key so I don’t have to worry about them falling out when I’m juggling gloves, tissues or my water bottle.

I’ve been looking at shoes again too as I have basically worn down any cushioning that my trail shoes had in the mid-foot, I can feel the tread through the insoles now which can’t be good. I’m not sure when I became such a gearhead but I spend too much time reading about and looking at running stuff on the web, as long as I don’t hit ‘purchase’ too often I don’t think it’s too dangerous though!

I will be looking for some New Balance Minimus 1010v2 shoes in the sales. It mentions in the description that although they are for minimalist running they have a more traditional feel underfoot and as I’m overweight I think my knees would really like anything extra I can throw their way.wt1010b2_nb_02_iI will also be looking for Peregrine 3’s by Saucony post Christmas as they look like a nice shoe (it’s hard living somewhere where I can’t try these things on easily).

2013_Saucony_AW13_Peregrine_3_Womens_Trail_Running_ShoesI love the orange soles on those! Again they’re described as a minimalist shoe but with a bit more padding to them.

I like the look of the Skechers GObionic Trail shoes but I can’t find a supplier over here that has them in stock for less than £100 and even then that’s only about 3 places. I wonder if they’re doing new colours or a new design so I will keep and eye out to see if they reappear.

I sort of slipped though and ordered myself a pair of Brooks Pure Grit 2 shoes from Amazon where they were about half price. The first pair I got were a size 6 and too small (my New Balance are a 6) so I have re-ordered in a 6.5 which should be here tomorrow and will hopefully be better. They’re a little narrow but I’ve read that they’re supposed to hug the foot, I need to decide how much ‘hugging’ is ok with me though! They’re lovely shoes so I do hope that they will fit.

120133_320_a_ZMSo, I ran and I was thoroughly rewarded and am excited to run further and faster and keep this going once the final two C25K runs are done, and apparently wear REALLY bright colours doing it!


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