Less Of Me

I’ve mentioned that I’m overweight. I have been most of my adult life, I got down to a nice weight about 11 years ago and promptly got pregnant, so up I went again and I’ve not been down near that weight since. I’m a vegan who eats mainly whole foods, cooks from scratch and doesn’t like sweet things very much. My issue is that I like to eat, and that I eat too much, combined with my previous complete lack of exercise it’s no surprise that I’m looking at needing to lose around 4 stone minimum (56lbs). It’s a scary amount and I’ve been fighting and fighting with myself for years over it. Being a feminist I am pissed off that I feel like I need to conform to some media ideal, but then again I want to live a long time and be healthy and be a part of my kids’ lives as long as I possibly can… I go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, then came running.

Now that I have finally fulfilled the New Year’s Resolution that I’ve made every year forever, to get into some kind of exercise routine, I have another reason to lose weight which, when combined with the ‘be healthy’ reason might just be enough to inspire me. I want to run further and faster and being lighter will help with that, it will also mean that I’m putting less stress on my body, particularly my joints which at age 41 with osteo arthritis in my hands already I need to consider and my heart.

So, I joined Weight Watchers last week. I have used this plan once before, the online version as I can’t make it to a meeting, and it works for me, I just need to keep going with it this time and not gain back the weight again like I have done. What works for me with WW is that I can eat what I want but I am forced to control the portion size. No more eating so much pasta my stomach hurts, or having a full dinner’s worth of leftovers for lunch and then another dinner’s worth at dinner time. By planning what I will have I am in more control of what I eat and know when I can splurge a bit and when I need to cut back as I’ve used up all my allowances. I chose to start on a Thursday so I’m not very far into it yet but it’s been a positive experience so far and the planning nerd in me is having fun!

I decided to start before Christmas as I knew that if I didn’t I would binge over the holiday period terribly. From the time I decided that I was going to join and the day I did I gained 1.3lbs as I started to eat everything I could get my hands on, knowing that I soon wouldn’t be able to. I am going to not count points or keep track from the evening of the 23rd to 26th of December or on the 28th as the boys and I are having our Christmas buffet that day since they’ll have spent Christmas with their Dad. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to get back into it as I’m eating my Christmas meals elsewhere so I won’t have lots of food in the house or extras besides what we’re having for the buffet.

I’m focussed at the moment and ready for my first full week having made a menu plan, cooked two kinds of soup to have for lunches, added the recipes to the website to calculate the points for them and placed an online Tesco order. Hopefully I can manage to be half as organised in the coming weeks, this is a long-term thing but hopefully improvements in my fitness and health, as well as being able to fit into clothes I’ve not been able to for a while, will keep me going.


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