Piles Everywhere

I am seriously lacking motivation and drive at the moment which isn’t good considering I’m supposed to finish some writing for University by next Friday and I’ve not done the reading yet. Anyway, I can at least try to catch up on some blog posts that I took pictures for ages ago!

Something that has been bugging me about my sewing room (besides the tiny size which has always bugged me) is that over this year I seem to have developed a terrible habit of making piles of things all over the place rather than actually making them. My New Year’s crafting/sewing resolution is to tackle these piles of things and get them done so I can find out what’s under them and move on to new things.


In this blurry pile we have my Christmas quilt which I’m about to star the quilting on with the aim of having it done by the weekend and on the sofa. It looks lovely, I just am unmotivated in a lot of areas at the moment. Under it is the fabric I pulled to do shorts for the Dress a Girl charity and some more fabric for dresses. I bought the elastic and then never got around to making any. Under that are a few bags with the supplies for quilts in them. I need to buy some storage boxes so I can put those away neatly until I’m ready to work on them.


In the basket are the supplies to make a hand sewn bunny, including yarn for a cardigan for it and fabric for clothes.  The fabric is the leftover strips from my log cabin quilt that I will blog about soon that I want to make into a cushion cover. The blue pile to the left is a dress that I cut out and then never made. This is a risky pile as there are two dress patterns in it (I am adding pockets from one into the other) so the potential to waste a lot of money should I lose bits of them.


This is a terrible pile of stuff balanced on top of the fabric stash and it often slides off onto the floor. There’s the Scrap Vomit quilt top that needs backing and batting. In the black bag is a dressing gown my Mother asked me to finish off for her many moons ago. The orange thing on top is a knitted peg bag that needs fabric lining that is again for my Mother and she asks me about constantly and somewhere in there is a half-finished bag for her too that she passed on to me to complete after her stroke in the summer… The Amazon box holds the star blocks that I did manage to finish this year before slacking off and also a stack of flowers for my Hexy MF quilt waiting for me to get on with it again. The pile of greenish fabric and the big bit of grey are for a 16 patch quilt at some point. The half done and waiting quilts need storage boxes, the other bits need to get done.


This is some PUL to make more sandwich wraps for the boys as Jim’s in particular are wearing out now, they picked it out in August and it’s sat there ever since. I also intended to make some pouches to put crackers and other things in for their lunch boxes. Yes, they chose the pink rabbit fabric. Also the elastic for the shorts and some interfacing that I bought for an organiser but I’m not convinced is stiff enough so it’s just sat there. The paper is two  printed off sewing patterns I’d like to make…


And finally, the sock with a hole that would take 3 minutes to fix, a sewing organiser thingy that I started and then dropped, the fabric and patterns for the star BOMs and a half sewn owl cushion all reside in this pile. I’m sure there’s more in there that I’m forgetting…

So, these are the things I want to work on to clear the decks and space in my head. I will finish the Christmas quilt and then make a nightdress for my Mother for Christmas as apparently the one I made her 7 years ago has worn out and then I will do the bloody peg bag!! After that I will start making my way through the other things until order is hopefully restored and I will try to resist pulling out more things along the way!

I knew that I wouldn’t have as much time once I started the PhD but my sewing time has really suffered and in the winter it’s too cold in my sewing room to work up there  in the evenings, plus I’m usually too tired anyway, so it’s really ground down to what feels like hardly any sewing this year (the knitting has slowed right down too). Then when I do make something it takes forever to find the time to blog about it. Maybe I will find a little more balance next year, and hopefully a bigger and tidier sewing room!


3 thoughts on “Piles Everywhere

  1. janine. says:

    Good luck with your piles ! I have a bit of a sewing list too but you have made me feel better. I am sure your mum will appreciate the peg bag.

  2. I am sure that just listing it all makes it feel more manageable. I have done pretty well at keeping my WIPs under control this year, but the few I do have still niggle at me!

  3. I also have many piles of sewing stuff! Since I don’t have a sewing room, my piles of stuff live in tote bags and the tote bags get hung on the back of doors or the back of dining chairs. It really isn’t conducive to good sewing because I can never find the pile I want at any given time! However the mess all over the house does make me feel guilty, which in turn makes me sew things so maybe I will get somewhere with all those projects eventually!

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