Vintage Linens Log Cabin Quilt

The pattern is called Vintage Linens but mine is modern flannels instead. Funnily, the quilt in the book Modern Log Cabin Quilting uses fabric for the sashing that was a set of my childhood sheets, it is a funny place to see them again.

I love flannel and wanted a nice bright quilt made from it so I started collecting fat quarters and kept an eye out for a pattern. When I got the book this one jumped right out at me so I sped up with the collecting and finally had enough to get to work on it.


They are a rather peculiar collection of prints as near the end I was basically having to buy whatever I could find. Of course, when I was nearly done making this a few new flannel collections were released, I would have loved to have used some elephants or foxes but it wasn’t meant to be. Two of the centre squares are owls from the flannel I used to back my owls quilt as I didn’t have enough different prints to make every single one different.


This quilt is the perfect size for my double bed, just the right length and width, if the bed weren’t against the wall it wouldn’t need to hand so long on one side! We had to remove the table and chairs from my parents kitchen in order to pin baste it and it took the entire floor, it’s definitely the largest quilt I’ve made to date!

I had intended to use a coloured sashing but the flannel I dyed to use not only came out the wrong colour but also would not stop leaking dye so I had to give up on it and bought some white instead. I love the look of the white but it already has cat footprints all over it and a nice circle of black cat fur at the bottom where Lorenzo sleeps. The cats love this quilt and sleep on my bed all the time now as it’s really cozy and soft!


This was my first time doing log cabin blocks and I enjoyed it, although they didn’t come out as evenly as they probably should have for some reason. I starched all the flannel before using it to try to stop it stretching out of shape but wasn’t completely successful. Hopefully there’s nothing too noticeably wrong with it! I kept the quilting simple, I had wanted to do the spiral quilting but this was just too big for my machine and I also broke my walking foot where the quilting bar fits in so I wasn’t able to. I’m happy with what I did do though and how it looks finished.


The backing is a light green typeface print, the colour in these pictures is totally wrong. I had to save up for the backing as I needed 5 yards and that fills a FRE. I got this on sale though, I had thought about using grey but it was out of stock by the time I had the money but I’m glad now I got the green instead.


And finally, the binding is made from some of the leftover strips I cut for the blocks. It’s a quite thin binding but I like the way it pulls it all together. The batting is a white 100% cotton one and there are over 12 yards of fabric in this quilt so it’s quite weighty. I have actually had to fold it back on my bed some nights as I get too hot! I’m really happy with this one and I look forward to trying other quilts from this book in the future.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Linens Log Cabin Quilt

  1. janine. says:

    It looks very cosy and bright. Perfect for snuggling under. I have made a total of one patchwork quilt but do not use it because of ahem the dog that loves going on my bed.

  2. Wow – I don’t usually like log cabin. Until I saw this one! Love it! I also love the idea of making a quilt out of flannel. So cozy!

    I’m always astounded by the amount of fabric it takes to make a quilt. They are certainly costly ventures, which seems so ironic to me as they started out as a way to use up scraps!

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