Beyond C25K

This week is the first I’ve had running without Laura in my ears telling me what to do and being vaguely encouraging. As I don’t really have much of a plan beyond ‘get faster and run further’ it’s a little bit scary going out there and on the first run I discovered that some sort of goal really does help with motivation, several times I caught myself thinking that I may as well walk because I didn’t have a reason to keep pushing myself.

I’ve had the much repeated George Sheenan quote in my head for a few days now

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.”

I have wanted to quit over and over again on the runs I’ve done the last two days and I’m really proud of myself that not only did I not, but I ran further and longer each time. Today I had run maybe half a mile and was huffing and puffing up an incline that I don’t run very often and I wanted more than anything to walk but I pushed on and did it twice in the end.

I’ve been trying some slightly different routes which I think is helping with the pace, when I’m bored I trudge along. It’s pretty muddy in the woods at the moment, today I went slipping and sliding down a hill which probably helped with the pace I imagine!


No more pretty clean shoes!

I have broken the 2 mile barrier, today I ran 2.22 miles and I have also broken the 30 minute barrier, yesterday I ran for 33 minutes and today I ran for 34.43 as I wanted to finish the ‘lap’ of the path I was on. Today was significant not only for the distance and time but because I didn’t have a rest day between runs. I’ve decided to try to run four times a week instead of 3 which will hopefully increase my fitness rather than wearing me out totally!

So, in terms of aches and pains my shins are actually feeling better finally and some runs they don’t hurt at all. I stopped using the foam roller on them (accidentally to start with and then when I realised it helped I kept going!). I think I was over stretching them. I have some new aches in the sides of my calves just above my ankles but they don’t hurt too much whilst running. I am still having issues with my feet falling asleep though, the right one especially. Today after about 25 minutes I couldn’t feel my right foot at all which isn’t useful. This has happened in every pair of shoes I’ve run in (4 so far) so it’s not a particular style, and I have been tying them looser and looser to see if that helps. I’m at a bit of a loss, I’ve read online that it happens to a lot of people but there doesn’t seem to be a cure for it or anything I’ve read that will help it, maybe like the shin splints it will go away in time.

Anyway, my basic plan I have concocted is that twice a week I will do a timed run increasing that time by 10% a week (with a break every 4-5 weeks where I won’t increase), so this week that is 33 minutes and I’ve done that twice already. Then once a week I will do the hilly 5k run on the road. I did it last Friday walking/jogging in 46.51. I was just trying to set a base time to beat and was actually pretty lazy and didn’t push myself hard to keep running so I will improve that time later in the week I’m sure. For the fourth run I want to try to do some sort of speed work or hill work, I don’t really have a plan for that yet so I need to do a bit of research. Basically I want to build a firm base where I can run for 15-20 miles a week and get some strength work in too then I can decide where to go from there. I obviously don’t have all the time in the world to be out there running so I need to improve my speed as much as anything so I can cove more distance in less time, I wish that was as easy to do as it is to type!

I’m still sticking to Weight Watchers, although last week’s weigh-in seems to have been some sort of scale error, but I’m lower than when I started which is the goal so I’m happy with that. Hopefully I won’t gain it all back over Christmas!


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