Last of the 2013 Knitting

None of the other projects on my needles are far enough along to have a hope of being finished before New Year, even if I were to just sit and do nothing else, so these are the final bits in what has been a pretty quiet knitting year for me.


It’s really hard to photograph bright red and the flecks in the yarn look a lot better in real life! This is the much used Sirdar 1645 pattern, both my boys have worn several versions of this cardigan and this one is Piggle’s using yarn he picked out himself in Boyes and it’s the largest size, so no more versions for either of my two. It’s just a cheap acrylic DK but he has worn it twice already since I finished it including to school yesterday when he got to wear his own clothes for a Christmas party so I think he’s pleased with it. My Mother had knit the back and half a front before her stroke and I re-knit the front as our gauges are very different and then finished the rest. The buttons are plastic but look wooden.

Next up are some Panda Cotton socks done in a 3×1 rib.


I made the cuffs of these a bit longer than normal and then panicked that I was going to run out of yarn for the feet, as you do.  I like the colours in this yarn and they’re nice and comfortable as all Panda Cotton socks are.

So, this year I have knit:

4 pairs of socks

4 cardigans (two for children)

3 jumpers (two for children)

2 shawls

2 dinosaurs

Just 15 things which is way down on my usual numbers, last year it was 23 items and the years before that 30. I’m happy with what I’ve made though and I’ve run out of storage space for hand knits anyway!

I have four things on the needles at the moment; two cardigans, one huge shawl and one jumper. I’m also crocheting a giant monkey head cushion but not making much progress on that really, maybe while the boys are off school I’ll get some done.

I’ve got a couple more sewing projects that I want to get done before the end of the year so I will wrap up what I’ve sewn this year nearer the end of the year!


One thought on “Last of the 2013 Knitting

  1. janine. says:

    I still think this is an impressive number. I have only attempted one pair of socks and found them very fiddly but I have not given up. My best friend is extraordinary at knitting so I will get her to assist . Loving reading your blog. I googled a pattern and found it.

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