2013 Sewing Round-Up

Sewing has also felt slower this year, I was thinking earlier that I haven’t made much for the boys this year as Piggle has grown into stuff Jim grew out of and Jim has just grown through the size he’s wearing rather than needing a new size. Maybe next year I can make more than pyjamas for them!

So, the final projects of 2013. I had intended to have a Christmas quilt to show you but things went wrong when it came to the quilting and for some reason, I’m thinking due to the fact I used poly batting, the top and backing slid quite badly despite it being well pin basted. I thought I could deal with it and kept going, but now, of course, I have hours and hours of unpicking to do at some point. I love the quilt and I will get to it but I need to stop being disappointed in not finishing it before I pull it out again. Failing to finish the quilt also meant that I didn’t reach my goal of sewing more fabric than I bought. I would have only been a few yards over but it would have been nice to meet the goal! I’ve done really well deleting all sale emails over the holidays and have only bought 2 metres of duck cloth to make some bags for the boys so I’m off to a better start than last year when by this time I had about 5 stuffed flat rate envelopes making their way to me…

With the quilt off the sewing table I got to make a few other things and cross a few things off my list. I finished the peg bag for my Mother (no pictures of that as I didn’t actually make the thing, just totally ignored the instructions given and sewed it together!). I made this Scottie cushion which is from a free online tutorial.


I made it a bit bigger than the pattern by using the cutting machine to do the squares 2.5″ rather than 2.25″, all the patterned fabric is from my scrap basket, the only new fabric I used is the linen. I also added a row of 3 squares to his belly as I thought he was too short without it. This wasn’t that hard to do until I somehow totally sewed the second side of the linen out of line with the first side. A lot of unpicking and pinning later I managed to get it to line up. I adore this cushion and I may make a few more in the future as they make me laugh.


This is the night-dress that I made for my Mother’s Christmas present at her request. She approved the fabric and as it’s been in my stash for about 8 years now it was nice to see it finally become something! The pattern is Kwik Sew 3144 that I have always used for her, very fast sewing and she was very happy with it.

And finally, Christmas stockings for my sister, her husband and their son. These are from a Fabric Worm tutorial and all the fabric is from my stash.


These were really fast and easy to make so I’m thinking that I might make a few for my boys before I put the pattern away. I have some strips of Christmas fabric I got with some scraps I bought so maybe I will piece those for one of them, we’ll see, the list of things to finish from all my piles of stuff is still long!

The long-term projects for 2013 fared ok. I am on the November block of the Woodland sampler so only 2 to go after that and it’s done. I slacked off in December on it and didn’t touch it at all but hopefully I will find some motivation for it! The Scrap Vomit quilt top is finished, I need to buy some batting, backing and binding at some point but I’m not in a hurry to finish it so I will wait for a good deal on those. The Hexy MF quilt is coming along, I have cut out and basted all the hexies and I’m about 2/3 of the way along with sewing the flowers together, so about 1/4 of the way with the quilt I guess. I need to try to get on with this but I have started another EPP project from a book I got for Christmas so it now has competition! The Lucky Stars BOM didn’t go too well, I have made 3 blocks (well 6 as I’ve done a large and a small of each). I think once I get started with the rest I will probably just work through start to finish and make the entire quilt, I enjoy doing these blocks once I’ve picked the fabric for each one so I don’t know why I haven’t worked on this. The final project from the list is a total failure as I’ve not done anything beyond buy the fabric and stuff it in a bag for the Rainbow Ripple Quilt. I just never got enthused about working on it, again, like the Lucky Stars, I think that once I get going on this I’ll make it start to finish so I’m not too worried about it, especially as it’s a lap sized quilt.

So, the totals:

Stockings – 3

Nightdress – 1

Quilts – 6 – Vintage Linens, This and That, Charmed Windings, Zig Zag Rail Fence, Scrappy Tripalong, On The Fence

Cushions – 4

Pyjamas – 9

Dressing Up Skirt – 1

Shorts – 2

Purse – 1

Kindle Stand – 1

Machine Covers – 2

Hot Water Bottle Cover – 1

Baby Nightdresses – 3

Pillowcase Dresses – 16

Pouches/Covers/Bags – 6

T-shirt – 1

57 things (last year was 56 so I seem not to have slowed down too much), not as bad as I thought! What amazes me about that list is that this year I made myself 1 garment, a Scout T-shirt which was recycled from a dress. I had a charity shop purge of my closet and got rid of 6 shirts that I don’t wear or were worn out plus a couple of pairs of trousers so I have a little space for things now. I think after years of making garment after garment for myself I was just a bit burnt out, maybe I should have a look through my patterns to see if anything takes my fancy, or maybe finish that dress that’s been cut out for about 6 months now!

My only sewing goal for 2014 is to consider what I’m making to ensure I actually like it and want/need it before I take time on it. It’s amazing how many things I’ve made over the years that have never been worn or that didn’t suit me or my lifestyle. I love to make things, but there’s no point wasting time and money on things that just take up space in my really small wardrobe and then end up going to the charity shop a year later. I will still be aiming to sew more fabric than I buy and to try to knit down my yarn stash a little as it’s taking up a lot of room. Hopefully I will get a new sewing room soonish though (please please please please PLEASE let me find a house soon, I’ve been looking since May….) which will hopefully be inspiring and allow me to organise my things better.

Happy New Year to you all and thanks, as always, for reading my ramblings!


2 thoughts on “2013 Sewing Round-Up

  1. LOVE that Scottie dog! 🙂
    I am so impressed that you manage to make so much with young children in the house – and quilts at that! Oh dear oh dear my unfinished quilt is STILL in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe…!

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