My last run was on Boxing Day and my next run will be on the 6th January, the day my sons go back to school. I’m getting a little frustrated about the enforced break but trying to consider it a rest before I move onto the next set of running goals.

The Boxing Day run was brilliant all around. I ran in a different place as we were at my Aunt’s house in County Durham and the railway path was great with beautiful views. I kept thinking that I should take some pictures but I didn’t want to stop running! I ran at a nice pace and did a 3k out and back run. At 2k my legs remembered that I’d only slept for 4 hours the night before and only 6 the night before that and that I’d been eating Christmas food and drinking (which I don’t do all that often) so I walked for 60 seconds and then ran the rest of the way back. The only changes I would have made are to have had more sleep so I could have gone further and to have worn my trail shoes, I didn’t realise the railway path existed so I took my road shoes which were a little slick on the ice and mud! My run on Christmas Eve had been disappointing, it was hard and boring and I didn’t go as far as I’d wanted to or do as well so having this amazing run as the last before my break was great.

So, someone on Twitter mentioned that the Beginners Luck Guide for Non-Runners by George Anderson was free on Amazon for the Kindle so I went and grabbed a copy. Having read it last night I have decided that I’m going to use the plan to increase my distance and the time I spend running. As I can run for 30 minutes already but will be coming back from a week or so’s break I have decided to start with Week 5 Session 2 which is a 15 min run 2 min walk 15 min run to ease me back in. The next session is a 25 minute run and then it carries on building up from there until you run for an hour at the  end the plan. I haven’t decided how many times a week I’m going to run. I want to get some strength work in but I still sort of want to try to run 4 times a week. Maybe I will start with 3 again and work in some strength and then see if I want to go up to 4 again when I’m back into it from the break.

I’m excited to have a plan to follow again, I was finding trying to make my own plan a little difficult as I don’t feel like I know enough yet to do it right. My 5k goal on the hilly route from my house still stands, which is why I’m thinking 4 runs a week so I can do it once a week (the hill at the start makes it unsuitable for timed runs on a plan as I can’t run all of it yet). I took 2 mins and 55 seconds off my first time the second time I ran it and I want to keep working on that time.

I got a Nathan Quickdraw water bottle for Christmas which was great on my Boxing Day run. It is easy to carry and will be great for summer when I won’t have so many pockets to hold my phone and key. I know most advice on carrying water says you don’t need it until you’re running over 10k, but I find that my throat gets really dry and uncomfortable. I won’t be filling the bottle full as I only need a few sips here and there, but it’s nice to have it with me and I think I’m going to like using the Quickdraw much better than having a water bottle shoved in my jacket pocket!

I hope you all had a great holiday season and the best of luck in reaching your running goals in 2014. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and making my first entry in my brand new training journal!


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