My First Fall

I’m a pretty clumsy person so it’s actually quite amazing that it took me this long to fall down whilst running. I have tripped many many times, in fact I trip at least once on every run, but this was the first time I actually went over, and of course it was on a pavement rather than in the woods where the ground would have been softer.

IMG-20140113-00107Luckily I didn’t rip my brand new, wearing them for the first time, capris!

Of course, there was a man sitting in a car right beside where I fell who very kindly jumped out to see if I was ok, I had been having a bad shin splint in my left leg and I just think I didn’t lift my foot high enough to clear the curb after I crossed the road so down I went.

Besides the knees, a slightly scuffed Garmin watch face (how that happened I have no idea) and my wounded pride I also managed to twist my ankle. I walked it off for a little bit and then proceeded to run home which probably wasn’t a great idea judging by the swelling on the outside of my ankle. I have been icing it and keeping it raised along with wearing a compression sock on it. It is slightly painful to walk on but I’m hoping I will be back to running soon, especially as I was having a hard enough time getting back into it after the Christmas break than I had hoped.

So I guess I’ve gotten that out of the way now, I’d forgotten how much a scraped knee stings and is generally unpleasant, having both of them feeling that way along with hobbling and feeling like I’ve been run over by a bus today (I pulled half the muscles in my body on the way down apparently, including my lower back which was giving me gip anyway) is not great, but I know it could have been a lot worse so I’m considering myself lucky that I only have minor injuries.


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