Mojo, Maybe?

So, it’s been a while. I have had periods of working on specific projects and then I just give up on them and move onto something else, I’ve just not been feeling it at all for some reason but I have decided just to go with it and hope that at some point I get back into making things and enjoying it again.

Saying that, I do have some things to show you that I have finished. This week I’ve been sewing quite a bit while the boys are on half term from school so we’ll see if the forward momentum continues. I have been finding going in my sewing room quite stressful as there is just so much STUFF in there and so many projects that I want to do and the piles of crap everywhere. I’ve decided to try to focus on one thing at a time, whatever it is I feel like sewing and to stop feeling bad that I’m not working on the 47 other things waiting, we’ll see how that goes.

January makes were very slim, I did the Siblings Together block which looked as so:


I then did a practice block for my Siblings Together quilt which is this month’s. We’re using the Pinwheels in the Park pattern that I made for Piggle with the Rik Rak Rabbits fabric but are making bigger blocks. I pulled some leftovers of the Brrrr fabric that I adore out of my stash and made yet another pillow, with sashing this came to about 20″ square.


This fabric makes me smile whenever I see it on the sofa. I’m not so sure the white was a great idea in a house with 3 cats and 2 boys, plus my habit of throwing coffee all over the place, but we’ll see how long it lasts I guess.

Just after Christmas I got the idea to make the boys their own travel bags to take to their Dad’s so that they can begin to pack their own things and decide what they want to take in their own bags. Jim loved the map fabric I got from the Knitting and Stitching Show and as I’m not planning on making the Ottoman I bought it for any time soon and I think the other piece I got will be big enough on its own I decided he could have it. I put it together with some natural Essex Linen and used leftover batting and Duck Cloth from The Cotton Patch and finally got around to completing it earlier in the week.


I decided to use wooden buttons rather than the snaps the pattern calls for as I’ve not had a lot of luck with hammer on snaps and I don’t want to be replacing them over and over again.


I hate the price of zips, this one cost £5.50 but it does go perfectly with the fabric so I guess it was worth it. I’ve always found it odd that the fabric can often be the cheapest part of a sewing project but when you add the pattern, thread, zips, interfacing, buttons etc the price just goes up and up.  Anyway, it went in really easily following the pattern instructions and I love the way it looks. The top pieces are actually the same piece of the map, Brazil, reversed, Jim and I are a little bit geeky about details like that…


The bag won’t quite stand up on its own, it’s not that firm, but it does hold its shape nicely and it’s big enough for probably a week’s worth of clothing if you fold it neatly, something Jim has yet to learn to do.

If you’ve seen pictures of this bag around the internet, it’s been made by everyone and their dog I think, you may wonder why mine is a slightly different shape. I couldn’t figure it out without emailing Anna of Noodlehead who designed the bag and asking her where I went wrong and why I had to insert a 9″ section to the bottom of the gusset like this.


Turns out that I need to read better and not make assumptions about a pattern. I placed the pockets at the bottom of the front piece and then attached the bottom piece to the bottom of that. The pattern actually tells you to put the bottom piece layered on top. I actually prefer my version as I think it’s a shame to use nice fabric and then cover half of it up, so when I make Piggle’s bag (which he’s already picked the fabric for) I will be repeating the same ‘mistake’ but will cut the bottom gusset longer so I don’t have to patch it.

I do have two more finished projects to show you, a shawl that I’ve been working on since September and a quick scrap project, plus we’ll see if I get anything else made over the weekend while the boys are away.


4 thoughts on “Mojo, Maybe?

  1. The bag is brilliant, well done for sacrificing your fabric! I’ve looked at Zipit on etsy in the past, shipping to the UK makes them no cheaper than buying locally. I did find ZipperLane on etsy that ships from India and if you buy a lot of zips it’s good value, but when you need a zip you don’t want to wait for it to arrive!

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