Good Week

This week I covered the most ground to date by running 10.63 miles. Add to that the fact that twice I ran 4.5k which is my longest distance to date, my yearly mileage went over 50 miles and I ran a personal best for 4k and all in all it’s been a really good week of running for me.

I am still fighting my right foot falling asleep about half an hour into a run, I think it could be the arch in my shoes causing it as that arch is lower than in my left foot but I’m not sure what to do about it. I keep hoping that it will pass or that I’ll figure out a way to wake my foot up but so far I just keep pushing on on a foot that I can’t feel which isn’t great…

Anyway, I tried a new route on Thursday having perused a map of cycling routes in the area. I knew it would be quite muddy what with all the rain and storms we’ve had this winter, what I didn’t count on was the number of gates that went along with the route, very deep mud or the fact that the path would simply disappear in the woods covered by fallen and blown around branches meaning that I had to turn around and retrace my steps rather than being able to do a circular route.

This is what it looks like when your shoes are being sucked off by mud, you’re navigating gates and trying to find the path you’re supposed to be on.

TimingThe first K of this run I was looking for the path I was going to take and trying to figure out if I was going the right way so I really wasn’t paying attention to the driveway/bridle path I was on beyond making sure I didn’t get run over by the Postman when he came back my way. I looked at my watch and saw that I had run under 8 minutes which is bizarre as I don’t run that fast.

Anyway, when I was retracing my route I figured out why my time was so low. This is really not the profile of a well planned or fun route, at least in my books!

ElevationI much prefer to get the hills in early and run downhill on the way home!

However, I did run all the way back up that hill and today I did the extra half k on my regular 4k route out and back up a quite steep hill. I am physically fitter and stronger than I think I am and it’s usually the mental side that lets me down. I have read all the advice on hills about looking to the top of the hill etc but have discovered that, for me, looking at the metre of ground in front of my feet and keeping plodding along is the best option, if I stare at the top I psych myself out about how far I have to go, if I’m looking down the end is a surprise which is always nice! I am making progress with my fitness and, although I am still pathetically slow, I am gaining speed as I gain fitness, I just need to keep working on my mental game as well.

Anyway, I’m happy with my progress this week, it seems the week of less running helped. Next week I am going to do the same distance, two 4k runs and two 4.5k runs as I don’t want to build up too fast or push too hard and not keep making progress. The only person I’m competing with is myself and at the moment I’m winning!


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