Today I Amazed Myself

Today I ran for 1 hour. I hadn’t intended to do it at all, in fact I was expecting a very hard 3k or thereabouts as around the start of my period is always really hard on the running, my legs just aren’t interested at all and I feel as if I have no strength. Anyway, off I went into the woods and just got myself moving along at a pretty slow pace, even for me, and somehow every time I thought I was going to finish up I turned around and added on a bit more distance.

Eventually I decided I was going to try for 5k as I felt pretty good and it seemed doable. Then, when I got to 5k, I saw how close I was to an hour (told you I was moving slowly) and decided to keep going for that as it would have been annoying to stop when I was so close. My final distance was 5.44 k, or 3.38 miles. This run was the longest distance I’ve ever covered by almost a while k and also the longest time I’ve spent running by some 16 minutes. Like I said though, slow, which is probably why it was achievable, had I sent out at my road pace which is some 2.5-3 minutes faster per k than I was running today I’d not have come anywhere near this. My pace was even slow compared to my usual trail pace, I was between 30 seconds and 1 minute slower per k than usual.

Another amazing part of this run was that I tacked the hilly part of the woods that I have in the past tried to avoid THREE TIMES.

1You can see that big decline at the start which is the hill down from my house, I don’t run back up that yet! It’s not a huge hill entering the woods but it takes you down and stands between me and my house at the end of a run. During C25K I dreaded it and tried to only run on it for a minute at a time and generally almost died whilst attempting it.  You can also see from the chart that the woodland path rises gently on the way out which is why it can feel horrible to run, the long bit between the hills to the right of the chart is where I ran the middle bit of the path twice, I didn’t intend to, I was on my way home, and then I turned around and headed out again.

I have no idea why today was one of those days, but it was a run that makes you love running all over again and it will keep me running for many months while I chase the feeling, the distance and the time I’m sure. It will also be useful to keep myself going when runs feel tough as, once again, I’ve shown myself that I’m fitter than my brain thinks I am.


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