I just don’t seem to be able to get it together to do a blog post very often at the moment, and my sewing has been really lethargic and slow so there’s not much really to show, but still…


This is Viajante which I made using 2 skeins of custom dyed tencel from Yarntopia Treasures. I wanted something plainish and comfortable to sling around my neck and this big trumpet like tube solved that requirement.


There are tons of different ways to wear this and I’ve worn it quite a lot since I finished it in February. The knitting itself was very easy and mindless once it gets joined into the round, I kept it on my lap whilst doing reading for my research and worked on it whenever I didn’t need to be taking notes.


I love the variegation in the greys in it, subtle but it stops it from being plain silver. I didn’t block this in the end as it’s pretty damn big and also shawls tend to get scrunched up anyway which means a lot of the blocking gets lost along the way.

I’m either late making these for the boys or very early, you decide.


It’s the same tutorial I used for the ones I made my sister and her family but this time I used up strips of fabric that came in a box of scraps I bought. I had only intended to make one but then I discovered that there was quite a lot of fabric once I’d sewn all the strips together so I did one for each of them. The letters were supposed to be from the same fabric but in different colours, I always forget that you have to cut an S backwards if you’re sticking it on with heat and bond type products and there wasn’t enough to cut a second one so that S is actually pieced together, but hopefully not too noticeable from a distance. I probably won’t find out if they actually like them until we get them out in December as they weren’t that interested in stockings in February, can’t blame them really but it was another project off my list!


And finally for today, another pile taken care of and item ticked off my list. This is a cushion cover made from the leftover scraps of my flannel log cabin quilt. I sewed a lot more scraps together for the binding than I needed and didn’t want to throw/give the whole lot away especially as I like the fabric so much.


There wasn’t a lot of planning for this cushion cover. I sewed the strips together and then I thought ‘I wonder what it’d look like if I cut it into triangles and mixed it up a bit then added sashing in an X’ so that’s what I did and I like the way it came out!

I quilted it in a triangle pattern for each section and I’m proud of how it looks and that I thought of something a bit more special than stippling or straight lines which are my fallbacks!


It’s got a simple overlapping back using up more of the white sashing I had left over along with some longer strips of fabric, I didn’t quilt the back at all or even put any batting on it, I can never really see the point with cushions. I finally remembered to order the cushion to go in this so it’ll be joining the rest of my collection sometime this week.

So, that’s it for today, I have one more thing I’ve finished but it needs a better blog post than I have time to write for it right now!


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