Goal Accomplished!

In November I wrote about my goal of being able to run up this hill by my house.


It doesn’t look very long or steep in that picture but it’s about .9k of uphill right at the start of a run which I’ve found impossible, that is until today.

I’ve been running up some hills recently that I didn’t ever think that I could, repeatedly in the woods where the hill I thought I’d never be able to manage I can now run up three times during a 5k. Today I got confirmation that, all being well, we’ll be moving sometime in May, so I figured that I had better get onto this challenge before I ran out of time and as my confidence is higher than it has been when it comes to running upwards I set off.

And I managed it, 5k without stopping, even for the horrid shin split in my right leg that has been plaguing me recently! I knew most of the uphill work was on the way out but I didn’t realise the profile of the run looked like this.

UntitledNo wonder I was finding it hard work! Of course, there were some negative splits on the way back, my last k was 8.05 which is very fast for me, but really fun coming down that hill knowing I’m almost home!

So, I guess now I can do that I  need to think of another challenge. I also realised that I didn’t think of a reward for when I reached running 5k which I did last week, I’m now running 4 times a week and 2 of those are 5k runs. However, I think the running shoe binge might have to be the (early) reward for reaching 5k finally (it took me 6 months)! I am a bit sad that I won’t be able to manage the Cragside 10k that I had blogged about wanting to do, I’m just nowhere near ready to run that distance next month but I will make sure I can do it for next year when we will be living much closer to it. I will let you know what I decide my next goals are when I figure them out myself!


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