Catching Up Again

I’m just going to throw out everything I’ve made recently in one post and then try to keep things a little more up to date from now on!


This is the dress that was cut out probably last summer and sat there forever. It’s the Reglise dress and it was really nice to sew, even though I made things harder for myself by using a really slippery synthetic (from Abakhan) rather than the cotton called for by the pattern.


This went together really easily once I got on with it and I will use this pattern again for sure, although I’ll try it with a cotton next time to see how that looks.


I didn’t make any changes to the pattern except for adding pockets from another pattern as most of my cardigans that I would wear with this don’t have pockets for my phone and car keys which are the minimum I carry with me on the school run. The pockets worked out really well, I just wish I could find the rest of the pattern that the pocket pattern piece came from as it was an expensive one, it’s in that tiny room somewhere…

The only part of this dress I’m not sure about is using bias binding on the hem. I’ve said before, I’m sure, how English bias binding is very stiff compared to the stuff you can buy in the States (and maybe France). I found some synthetic binding and used that instead hoping that it would give it a softer edge but it’s still a little bit sticky out for my liking.


I think next time I might hem it, or maybe make sure I have enough fabric to make binding and see if that solves my problems with it.

I had an amusing moment of stupidity when making this. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit (it does, but I’ve not added elastic to the waistband as it doesn’t need it on me) so I tried on the waistband after I’d made it. Of course it was then a real contortion to try to get it off as it wasn’t connected to anything else and for a few minutes I thought I was going to have to cut it off and make another one, but I finally got myself out of it, lesson learnt!

Next up was the March Siblings Together Bee Block.

003 004We’re almost done with the year of these now, it’s flown by! This block looked a lot harder than it was and I really liked making it so I have put the pattern on my mental list to use for a quilt in the future. I still haven’t worked on my quilt yet, I need to make my block and then assemble it, I will try to get on that over the Easter Holiday.

I have been knitting quite a bit recently too. I made two shawls in quick succession, the first one hasn’t been blocked yet so I will show you that when I get around to that bit but this is the second one.


The pattern is called Brickless by Martina Behm whose patterns I’ve used before and always enjoy. The yarn is Yarntopia Treasures 100% cotton in Seashells.

006007The pattern alternates garter stitch, rib and holes and starts of small getting bigger each section. It’s got a nice stepped edge to it which I really like. I didn’t bother blocking this as bamboo on its own won’t hold a block anyway. The weight of it pulls the holes open enough for me to be happy with it so that’s fine.

I decided that I wanted some new t-shirts as I’m bored with mine so I pulled out some patterns and fabric and made two in one day the other weekend. First up was the Plantain T-shirt that everyone and their sister has already made.


This fabric came from Abakhan and I have it in another 3 colours, plus enough of this colour to make a short sleeve t-shirt from it in the future. It’s a lot more see-through than I thought it would be, I’m hoping the darker colours are better as I have to wear a tank top under this. The pattern went together really nicely, my only change was to add an inch to the length as I like my t-shirts a little longer than the current trend. I’m happy with the result so no doubt I will make a few more versions (minus the elbow patches which I also left off this one as they’re not my thing).

Finally I pulled out my favourite Scout T-shirt pattern and came across a piece of fabric, can’t remember the technical term for it, edge print, selvedge print? Anyway, I’ve had it at least 7 years if not longer and it was time for it to go out into the world as a garment. There was only about a yard of it so it took some inventive cutting but I got there and am really happy with the result.


I used fold over elastic for the neckline and luckily the flowers are just low enough that there aren’t any bulls eyes to worry about! It’s quite a thick knit, don’t know what it’s made of either tencel or synthetic with cotton but I think it will be really comfortable to wear. I added my usual extra length to it and it fits really well. I’m planning more Scouts as I had to throw out the white one with pink flowers because I’d worn the poor thing to death. I have a synthetic that I’d love to use as the drape will be great but I need to make sure I’m nice and relaxed as french seams on slippy fabric are going to be a challenge, but it will need them!

So, that’s that, up to date! I’m currently working on a duffle bag for Piggle which I hope to finish this weekend and I’ve also been FINALLY working on my Hexy MF quilt which has sat and sat and sat forever. In a week I’ve sewn up almost all of the remaining flowers so this weekend I can lay it out and then start sewing them to each other.

Also, just because life isn’t busy enough, we’re going to be moving sometime after the middle of May. The house is having some work done to it so the dates aren’t set which means we don’t have a contract and I can’t pay the deposit yet but I’m told it’s ours so I have to stop worrying so much about it and just get on with what I can get done without a move date. I have two schools to arrange this time plus the usual packing etc and a neurotic cat (plus two other slightly less neurotic cats and an Autistic child and his brother) to somehow get there but hopefully it will all be ok in the end and a huge bonus is that I get a much bigger sewing room where I can have shelves to put my fabric on so I can actually see it again which will be lovely!


4 thoughts on “Catching Up Again

  1. Goodness me – what a whirlwind! I am again reminded about Brickless – which is in my queue but I forgot. Maybe I need to tidy my queue more often. Good luck with the move 🙂

  2. It’s nice to see a Reglisse without the ties. I’m planning on making one in the next few months, and would prefer to do it without them. The pockets are a good idea!

    Lovely makes overall.

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